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What do you like the most in a girl?

Asked by raintalker (7points) February 12th, 2011

Girls are..

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Showing that she really cares about you and having inner warmth, femininity, and tenderness.

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SHUT UP @MRSHINYSHOES!!!!!!!!! snicker!

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Brains. I could never be with a dumb girl.

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My penis…....err, I mean confidence/sense of humour/sex appeal, that kind of thing.

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Attitude. ;)

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Innards. Always better with, I find. Oh and giblets are good too. If you feel mediaeval, humours are fun, but can be unpredictable.

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Three cloves of garlic and a pint of jaguar teeth,

Don’t ask.

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Personality, they have to be fun to be around. And she has to be cute haha

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