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Why do some feel its necessary to be extraordinarily loud in order to have a good time?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34489points) February 12th, 2011

Saying this makes me feel like a grumpy old person but its something I’ve never understood.

Being in college now, im exposed to quite a bit of this on a regular basis. Every time I encounter it I cant help but become annoyed with said people and though I feel its wrong to just judge people, I cant help but feel those involved are rather immature.

My current annoyance is my sisters party upstairs. Currently the music is extremely loud which in turn is making everyone have to scream to one another. To me, if I were there, I would find this extremely annoying and turn the music down in order to be able to converse with whoever while still having it loud enough to enjoy the music. But they all seem to be rather enjoying themselves yelling at the top of their lungs.

Actually on the note of screaming, wtf is it with people just screaming at parties and such? Like I understand they are having a good time and want to express that by why be fucking annoying in the process?

ohhh sweet now the house is shaking because everyone is currently stomping because of beer pong….


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I don’t know, but I’ve wondered the same thing.


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God, I was just thinking about this today. Is 50 too old to be driving around with James Brown and Duane Allman’s screaming guitar blasting out of my car at a volume that would wake the dead and annoy everyone around me? I love my R&B and my rock and roll loud. Do I have to give that up because of some silly chronological cut off? I know I should give it up because it’s rude and annoying, but that’s not the point. Though, I have given up on the loud bars, long ago, and I am much more respectful of my neighbors than I was when I was younger, it’s just rolling down the highway…. I can’t seem to help myself.

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@lillycoyote I feel like driving around playing loud music is completely different. Im guilty of the same :)

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I believe that ‘wild’ is more or less what you might call the factory settings. We learn to be normal for others’ benefit (and through that, our own), but will revert under the right circumstances.
Plus, you get an endorphin high (leastways I think that they’re endorphins) when you scream your lungs out. Try some Mad Scientist laughter and see if you get what I mean. Not like the upstairs people will have much to complain about.

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@Nullo “I believe that ‘wild’ is more or less what you might call the factory settings. We learn to be normal for others’ benefit (and through that, our own), but will revert under the right circumstances.” Wouldnt that then suggest a lack of self control and maturity?

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Sound waves get into your body and move the internal organs in such a way that you feel like you are starting to get out of your head. The louder it gets, the harder it is to hear what you are thinking, and the more it feels like the normal you is gone and this other, more transparent and present you is there.

Unfortunately, it is a valiant attempt at doing something that isn’t really possible without more work on your part. Meditation or dance or yoga or running or anything that takes so much work and is somewhat repetitive or ritualistic will achieve the same thing.

However, people fight it by getting drunk or by trying to have fun (instead of having fun), and it doesn’t quite get to where they want to go. So they crank up the volume even louder, hoping that next set of decibels will jolt them into the other way of being in the world.

At rock concerts, they crank up the volume to painful points for the same reason. When people get out of their heads, they are open to a more direct experience with the world. At concerts, the volume creates this openness facilitates and out of body connection between the musicians and the audience. Sort of.

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I find a musical concert experience to be very different than that of a party.

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@uberbatman Almost certainly. I happen to be of the persuasion that the beast within ought to be strapped down, not just caged. Much of my political philosophy stems from this.

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The attention and they want to be the center of it all , the music and screaming is so annoying , and the t.v. commericals and shows are becoming the same way .

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Sheesh! What a grumpy old man you’ve become.
And get off my lawn you damn kids. shakes fist

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I don’t have a problem with people being loud because I can get quite loud when I’m excited as well. What absolutely hate is when people (usually intoxicated) feel compelled to yell “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” and “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAGGHSHRGFLSEKUFEHSklssefdjsflses” at the top of their lungs in the most fucking obnoxious, annoying manner possible. Shut the fuck up for fuck’s sake.

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urrgh, tell me…

People move out here to the middle of nowhere… I assume because they want peace and quiet.

So this morning (Sat.) at 9 AM, some little fartknocker is blarting up and down the road on his little go-scooter.

We’re outside the city limits. It’s permissible to shoot people, or at least non-persecutable.

Why did I hold back, I ask myself….....

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I really fucking hate the people who just yell “YEAH! PARTY! WHOO!” It doesn’t even mean anything. Good thing I do not get invited to parties anymore.

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Being loud is a way of demonstrating enthusiasm. And there’s nothing drunk people like more than to express enthusiasm…

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I’m with @chocolatechip for sure. Screaming that WOOOOHOOO makes me wish for a gun!!

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@genkan I believe this is something about the person though that alcohol merely brings out. I drink and attend social gatherings and have never felt the need to behave in such a manner to demonstrate my enthusiasm.

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Exactly. It’s possible to be drunk and enthusiastic without also being veritable fist magnet.

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I have noticed that the amount of alcohol a person consumes is in direct proportion to their temporary deafness. The more people drink the louder they get, it has to be temporary deafness, or perhaps drunks lose their ability to be considerate of the rest of humanity and become more obnoxious and opinionated and self centered. Alcohol is not your friend.

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attention whores I guess.

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@rooeytoo i dont know, im apprehensive to blame it on the alc alc alco alcohol. :P I realize it just makes these things worse but it only makes certain people act in this manner so its got to be something about this person to begin with. Wouldnt you agree?

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Actually, all your sisters friends have been listening to boom box music for many years. It must have effected their hearing.

“Its has to be loud, to be good”? Not so.

I am not the one that really should be making this statement. I had my share of loud music in the rock and roll bands i played drums for. The crowds just seem to react differently, when the music is louder. They drank more and danced more. Maybe it had some effect on their psychy.

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@uberbatman – I have never met a quiet group of drunks.

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@john65pennington they had to drink and dance more cause they couldn’t talk to each other. I’d give a lot to be able to hear the music and my neighbor at the table, too.

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@rooeytoo pleasure to meet you , I have some friends I could introduce you to as well :P

@john65pennington again, I think a concert setting is vastly different than that of a party or other such social gathering.

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@uberbatman – if they are a bunch of drunks, I’ll forgo the pleasure, but nice to meet you too???

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@rooeytoo though, I must say, this habit of being extremely loud, though amplified by alcohol, is, in my opinion not dependant on it as these people seem to still be obnoxiously loud be alcohol involved or not.

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@uberbatman – I honestly cannot think of a time when a group of all sober folks have been annoyingly loud. I do agree however, that some individuals are loud, booze or not. I suppose I am speaking in generalizations.

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@rooeytoo well, as I said above, I am currently in college, so I am surrounded by an extraordinarily high number of obnoxious fuckers :p

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@uberbatman – congratulations on not being one of them.

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@rooeytoo thanks, but thats not what this question is about. Its about why others feel compelled to act in this way.

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