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Would you consider lacrosse or baseball Americas pastime?

Asked by sleuth9216 (231points) April 14th, 2008 from iPhone

You’re personal opinion the Indians played lacrosse not baseball

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I never even thought of lacrosse as a choice for this question, so baseball haha

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I suppose the reasoning behind lacrosse is that it was a Native American sport.

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I would pick baseball over lacrosse. But I think that football is really America’s sport because we are the main country that plays it.

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I thought politics was Americas past time. But seriously, everyone knows it’s baseball.

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The old saying goes with baseball. Personally, I don’t care much for either. I did play baseball in high school, but watching it is no good. As far as sports being a past time, I’d agree with teejay0514, football is where its at.

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If you think lacrosse is America’s pastime you are to be deported b/c your mind is useless.. respectfully of course

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as in “Take me out to the Lacrosse game”?
as in “Casey at the Net”?

Come on.


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ask an American three year old what lacrosse is. Nuff said.

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Football comes to my mind. Lacrosse? No. Baseball? Yep.

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Sure, when I see people walking down the street wearing New England… er, what is the New England professional lacrosse team that’s got games on NESN and ESPN every night? ... when I see people walking down the street with their logo on instead of the Boston Red Sox, I might think that lacrosse is the national pastime.

Or when Congress has a former Senator look into the allegations of steroid use in pro lacrosse. Seriously.

Can anyone even name someone who made more than a million dollars playing lacrosse last year?

That’s why baseball is the national pastime, and lacrosse is played by preppy jocks who couldn’t make it onto the baseball team.

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I play lacrosse and the reason isn’t because I couldn’t make it onto the baseball team. I don’t play baseball because it’s boring and has no physical contact. Just a person being hit by a ball sometimes. And as for preppy jock? Not even close

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I believe you are thinking of Canada which has Lacrosse as its national sport in the summer, and Ice Hockey as its national sport in the winter.

The United States has always had baseball as its national sport and pastime.

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