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Insufficent space on "K" ?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1423points) February 13th, 2011

A friend of mine lent a CD with a version of virtual DJ on it to a friend of hers.
The CD disappeared but in change of that her friend returned her the software on a pen drive.
Now she’s not able to make it work using her Windows 7 OS getting “Insufficient disc space on “K”.
What the hell has to be done?
If you ask me for more details (I don’t know which others are needed) I’ll refer to her and bring it back here.
Cheers mates, hope you can help..

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It sounds like she’s trying to install the software on the pen drive itself. Make sure she chooses “C:/Program Files/...” as the install location.

Another possibility is that the installer uses temporary space on the drive to initialize the installation. I’m not sure why this would be the case since CD’s would not be writable by this type of software, but it may fix the above problem if she moves the files from the flash drive to her desktop folder before attempting to install.

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If she was the original purchaser of the full version, she could contact and tell them she had to do a system re-install and that she lost her disk.

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It sounds to me like it’s trying to install on te pen drive. Sometimes a computer will notice that the installer is on a writable drive and try to install it there instead of where you want/expect it to. I think @Vortico got that one right.

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She says that the installation destination is recognised as the C drive.

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at a certain point of the installation it blocks and says that “K” is insufficient.

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That sounds like either all the files are not on K, or there is an anti-piracy trigger in the code that doesn’t allow it to be downloaded from anything other than the web site, or the installation disk. There’s no way to tell if all the driver files are there.

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Maybe it’s extracting temporary files to K: before moving them to C: If it’s really the setup program, copy it all to C: and run it from there.

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