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Has anyone ever read Life of Pi?

Asked by carrielynn (131points) February 13th, 2011

Someone who likes classic literature (as do I) told me this book won’t be good because it looks like a fantasy novel for the masses. I didn’t get that impression, but I’m not that cynical. To me it seems like an intelligent book about animals. What do you think?

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I loved it, both as an interesting story and an allegory.

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I loved it! It was a wonderful story. Really thought provoking. It wasn’t about animals. It was about the defence mechanisms in the human mind, or perhaps an allegory…. and our ability as humans to survive the impossible. I don’t want to ruin the ending, but it’s NOT about animals.

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It’s lovely writing, and an interesting idea. But I have to admit, I was annoyed enough by the ending that it changed my overall opinion of the book to a mild negative.

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I found it very slow until the end, which redeemed all that came before.

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Anyone? Ever? Yes. That’s what made it a best-seller.

It’s not a book about animals, even though there are a lot of animals in it.

My husband and I chose it for our weekly read-aloud, and we both enjoyed it very much over the period of weeks that it took us to go through it. It’s a compelling yarn on the face of it, but beyond that, it takes a challenging approach to some perennially interesting questions about perception and reality and other things that might give away too much if I listed them.

I’m a pretty demanding reader, and I considered it worth my while. I believe that the author accomplished what he set out to do, and did it deftly and with considerable grace and style.

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I have it sitting on my desk. It’s been waiting in line for months now. It was recommended by a friend and according to the above replies, it seems like it’ll be a good read.

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I read it, and sorry to say, whilst it started out sounding unique, it dragged on after a while. I didn’t really like it and thought it was over-hyped.

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@genkan I agree completely. I felt it was given far too much hype and I was disappointed when I read it. I feel it is the literary equivalent of Shutter Island.

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