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How Are YOU (yes, you) Spending Valentines Day?

Asked by Magic5678 (174points) February 13th, 2011

I’m just really curious about how everyone is planning on spending tomorrow. I’m hanging with my friends and eating chocolate!!!

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Same as every other Monday. Up at 5:00 am. Off to work. Stay until the job is done no matter how long that takes. Home, dinner, read, bed, repeat.

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I get the day off! I’ll wrap up a set of novelty fire extinguisher cufflinks I got my fiancee to commemorate what about initially caught my attention when we first met. He was the only person in our store to run for a fire extinguisher and put out a fire that had caught on 3 propane bbq tanks- he’s been my hero ever since.

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We are celebrating Valentine’s Day next weekend since my husband has to work late tomorrow. We are going for a romantic dinner and then home for some romance. (I still plan on cooking him a nice dinner tomorrow nigiht and enjoying some romance after dinner though.)

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I’m waking my daughter up early so I can attempt this heart braid for her, then sending her to school with all her Valentine’s cards for her classmates, clean house, find a little time for Fluther, watch the movie Valentine’s Day that I prerecorded on the DVR, make cookies with my daughter when she returns from school and play in the snow before it all melts, make pork chops for dinner, then have a couple drinks and make fun of The Bachelor with my husband.

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Haha, I loved Valentines Day!!! My friends hated it, but I dont care!!!!!

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Probably dressing like a pirate until I go to work.

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I will most likely hang around the house until my wife gets the huge vase of roses I’ve ordered for her. I have a doctor’s appointment late in the morning, so I will have to be there for that, but then I’ll be coming back home to collect my reward for being such a duitiful husband. : D

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School and musical practice :/ I was gonna celebrate it over the weekend, but my plans got derailed…

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@Joker94 it was her loss. ; )

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@CaptainHarley we have you guys wrapped around our little fingers, don’t we? You give us roses and loving and we let you think it was all your idea. : )

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@bkcunningham d’aww, you knew just what to say ;]

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Quite frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn WHOSE idea it was. It’s a damned fine one! : D

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I am making a card for my husband, and planning on watching some romantic movies that I DVR’d. (And eating a small amount of chocolate.)

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I am spending my Valentines Day gatering medical records, for a lawsuit, for my mother that has been seriously neglected in a nursing home.

What better way to show your love?

My wife will be by my side. Two hearts together for a lifetime. She understands why I am doing this and backs me 100%.

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@Joker94 it is true. I’m sure you pass your dream girl everyday and just haven’t noticed her YET, and she is thinking, “I wish he’d notice me.” You will notice her one day and this Valentine’s Day will be wiped from your memory.

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@john65pennington That is very sweet. Your mom is lucky to have you by her side.

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Morning routine, wait for bus/subway, school, homework, eat, minecraft, eat again, defecate, sleep.
Just another weekday for me.

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@bkcunningham thank you! and I hope so, this has been one worth forgetting X]

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@john65pennington You are your mother’s voice and the others at that nursing home. Do your best!

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Just going to enjoy my time with my husband and kids.

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I have a dentist appointment tomorrow for a filling.

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Coasting….today was the 20th anniversary of my first date with my wife and we have always celebrated the day before V-day instead! It was a great day too! ;) Happy Valentines day to all the Jellies out there!

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I’ve currently got my 94 pack of Crayolas out and I’m coloring my boyfriend a million love notes/pictures and hiding them a bunch of different places where he’ll find them in the morning. As for celebrations, probably nothing aside from sex.

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At work :-(

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I’m just going to be hanging out with my fiance * wink, wink * ;D Then out to diner for sushi <3

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Making vanilla cupcakes for me to demolish late at night whilst I’m fluthering.

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Well I am a street musician so I was going to play all day long. However, it’s raining. That’s okay though because I’m wicked sore from yesterday (biking for the first time in months, also lots of sex). Either there will be a break in the rain and I’ll play or I’ll have a third date with my new Valentine.

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24 long-stemmed, lavender-colored roses she got today… from me. Lucky her? No. Lucky ME! : D

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