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Do you ever get self consious about the size of your feet?

Asked by iCeskate (451points) April 14th, 2008 from iPhone
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delirium's avatar I have tiny tiny feet. I think they’re cute.

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No, I like the way Hobbit feet look.

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I’m proud of my big ass feet!

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You know what they say about big feet…big socks!

But yes, I do sometimes as I am a female with very large, wide feet.

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I am a woman with big feet and proud of it

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see I’m a younger teen and 5’1 with size 8 1/2 feet I’m so short and stubby with huge feet
and a girl

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im not i tend to show off my feet, their cute! Others make fun of me because i wear a 3.5 in kids.

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No. I have cute feet and toes. ;-) People always compliment me on my feet. I take care of them, because they keep me going throughout my busy day. I love to pamper my feet.

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I’m a small guy, but my feet are porportional to the rest of me so I have no problem with them. The only botherance is hair but I take care of that…

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Oops, already said.

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Big socks and big shoes!

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Just the left one…

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i’m not so much self-conscious about my feet as i am my weight.

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I play field hockey and even though my boots fit me on the inside, they look far larger than any of my other shoes on the outside. The result is that I look like a rabbit and sometimes that makes me very self conscious about my feet. I forget about it when I hit people with my hockey stick though…

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nope cant say that I do

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I’m sorta conscious about my feet I wear socks with my sandals, strange?

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Yes, sorry. You don’t wear those toe-finger socks, do you?

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I always wondered why people wear socks and sandals at the same time.. always seemed to me as if it defeated the purpose..

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Socks and sandals? Sorry dude, stick to tennis shoes.

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thanks :P I just hate it when my feet sweat in sandals I like the cloth in between plus they breath better than in tennis shoes even with the socks on.

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that’s cool, I was just messin.’ Zories with ninja socks sound cool.

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I’ve got pretty big feet, my friends tease me a bit about them, but it truly never has phased me even in the slightest (like if someone called me a cracka). I’ve never really understood why people get so weird about feet—everything from being TOO into them with foot fetish stuff to my ex-girlfriend who didn’t want people to look at her feet, to her good friend who didn’t like to look at/get near other people’s feet—haha.

I know other guys who are critical about women’s feet, like it’s some huge factor in her appearance. It never made much sense to me; I can think of a LOT of other things I look at on a woman’s body before I look at her feet (and not all are dirty—a woman’s back/shoulders/neck can be very sexy for example).

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No, but I do get irritated when I cannot purchase shoes that fit. My feet are ladies 11 1/2 narrow, so they are sort of big, but not impossibly so.

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no, I actually never think about my feet, but I am glad that they work!

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