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How should my valentines day gift be delivered?

Asked by FiRE_MaN (684points) February 13th, 2011

I am a senior in high school and I have a box of chocolates for my girlfriend. Since I go to a small private school I was thinking of grabbing one of the pre-k kids during our lunch period and having him run up with it and say happy valentines day! Would this be a good idea? or should I just give it to her myself?

If i go with the kid though how would I make sure he gives it to the right girl? She usually sits with a mix of girls and guys and since its a private school we all wear uniforms so I could not describe her cloths. I was thinking of just showing him a picture of her on my phone, pointing him in the direction of her table and hoping for the best. Any suggestions?

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I think that would be a cute idea. Maybe not pre-K but definitely K or 1st grade. You’d get lots of giggles from first grade girls over this, but they would totally love it.

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I always use Fed Ex to deliver packages. Best price, best service, best package delivery service without exception.

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@12Oaks um.. alright haha doesnt exactly answer the question but thanks for the input!

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I think girls like it to come from you, directly. Maybe you could dress up as a Fed Ex man. (just kidding)

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I think you should give it to her yourself. ;)

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You could put a card on it so she knows who it’s from.

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I think it’s totally cute about the idea of the little kid giving it to her, but a kid that young is likely not going to give it to the right person because all of the girls are dressed alike, and all big kids looks the same to little kids and he might get nervous. If you know what class she will be in and what desk she sits at, you could arrange it with the teacher ahead of time. Or you could have someone else, that is closer to your age give it to one of the girls with the notion that she is to pass it down, until it reaches the correct recipient (kind of like playing telephone or pass it on) because it will have her name on it.

If you are absolutely sure that she is your girlfriend and not just a girl that you like, I would walk right up to her in front of all of her friends and give it to her with a big romantic smile on your face. Most girls would be thrilled if that happened to them. But ONLY if she likes you too for absolute certain, otherwise it could be very humiliating.

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haha we have been going out for a year and a half.

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@FiRE_MaN In that case, just saunter up to her all romantic like and squat down in front of her while she’s eating her PB &J sammich and say, “Baby, I love you and I think you are the sweetest thing since boxed chocolates.” Then take her hand and kiss it. ; -)

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I think a second grader would be old enough to appreciate the gesture you are trying to make and would probably be less frighten at approaching a group of older kids. Pick the smallest and cutiest one so there are a lot of awes at the table as he or she approaches.
Best of luck.

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By a cockier spaniel with a huge red bow round his collar.

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