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What could be the perfect brand name for a store which sells couple stuff?

Asked by meeeek (50points) February 14th, 2011

It’s a store which sells couple stuff like shirts and other accessories. Any ideas? :)

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Do mean ‘stuff for couples’? Like romantic stuff? Sex stuff? What else besides shirts?

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@augustlan Yeah, stuff for couples, accessories, like necklaces, bracelets, rings, stuff like that :)

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Twogether (2gether?)
A Couple of Peas in a Pod
Just the Two of Us
His and Hers

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The Couple Bubble
It Takes 2
Take 2
2 True

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Adam and Eve
Sampson and Delila

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@SuperMouse Adam & Eve is already a company that sells couples related items. :)

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A Couple of Things . . .

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The Ball & Chain
another vote for “His and Hers”
Adam & Steve’s (because you didn’t specify)
or Addie & Eve’s
Crazy Hakim’s Couples Mechandise

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Significant Others. (notice no apostrophe indicatinding the double entendre)
Heart“s Content
Just the Two of Us
True Love Ways
Love Trinkets
Just For You
Just a Token
(shortened play on words of )the above sentiment… Of My Affection

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Give and Take Specialty Store.

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Don’t use peas in a pod, even though I like it, because A Pea in the Pod is a maternity retail store.

You and Me

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Tees for Two

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Together. It’s catchy and will draw in customers like a magnet. It will arouse their curiosity and once inside, the sales begin.

Or, 2Gether.

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It Takes Two
Double You

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Couple Stuff would do fine. Locked and Loaded may also work, as would Cross my heart Fire.

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I really like @ucme‘s suggestion of Tango. Subtle.

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Oh I just got it, Tease for Two!

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Just reread my post above. Although I did not list it as a contender “Double Entendre” has that certain je ne sais quoi.

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I don’t care. Whatever she wants.

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@ucme‘s Tango is far and away the best suggestion

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Yours and Mine

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One for Two

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