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Help in writing a description for myself in my CV?

Asked by inthenighttol (92points) February 14th, 2011

I’m a shy person though I like meeting new people and doing new things
I’m normally a very happy person and even if I don’t show it I normally have a positive out look on most areas

I prize autonomy in myself and like discussing problems with other people, working on problems on my own and bouncing my ideas off other people.

I love learning new things and taking on new tasks especially if it will help me learn something new not just any old generic task

Hobbies: cycling, working out, reading about politics, philosophy, maths, physics, just doing general things with friends, learning new things in my spare time

My main qualifications line in maths, ict though I like problems solving

ask my any more questions if you wish to know more about me.

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Could you clarify the question, please? Do you want editing help? Do you want help in understanding what should be in a CV? Can you tell us why you want a CV? How do you hope it will help you? Is there any specific job you are looking for?

I’d like to help, but I can’t right now.

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All I want help in is describing myself and how that will be good for the company

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Typically, people describe their education and training, and provide experiences that demonstrate to the company that they have the skills necessary to do the job. Since little or none of that is in your CV, I think you should sit down and reformulate it.

You talk a lot about personality. That is relevant only in customer service jobs, and even then, you want to demonstrate how your personality has made you successful, not just say you are a positive person.

You need to rethink the way you write a resume. This one won’t make it past the first line—i.e., any person who wants to employ you won’t read past that first line. Tell me what work you are looking for and what makes you good at that work in your first line or two. Then use subsequent lines to present the data to prove your case.

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Whatever you write needs to match your skills to those that the company is looking for. Highlight areas of your education and experience that fit with the goals of the position and/or the organization. Be concise and allow yourself to shine, even if you are a bit shy.

Here are two sites which will help you:

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I have already put my qualifications and previous job I just want to describe what I’m like

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How is what you are like relevant at this point? Why would I even believe anything you had to say about yourself?

The CV is to show whether you have the qualifications for the job. The interview is where you show what you are like.

All I’m saying is that if I saw a self description, even a good one, unless I was looking for a writer, I would toss the CV in the rubbish. Why do you think you want this?

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Who’s to say my qualifications lets say in maths means I’m any good at maths or remember anything I learnt in it?

I know people who have gotten A’s in French at a level and can’t speak a word of it anymore.

I also know a person with a degree in ICT and learnt things such as PHP but can’t do it anymore, so how does an employer know you can do the job even with your qualifications?

Previous employment where you used those skills would be good or maybe showing them examples of me using these skills such as my own website etc

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@inthenighttol Yes! Those are things that will be helpful to your cause.

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