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What is your prefered musical medium?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) April 14th, 2008

I prefer vinyl. but I’m sort of “indie,” so it comes with the territory.

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If it’s something I love I will buy vinyl. Otherwise I store it all on my hard drive. If I buy a cd I usually end up giving it away after uploading it.
I wish I still had all my tapes.

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Vinyl is great. Lots of room for cover art and such, plus the way vinyl was mastered can’t be compared to todays CDs.
That being said, I prefer digital, mp3 or FLAC. If mp3 then I prefer a bitrate of 300+

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I’m defiantly down with the digital age of things. It keeps it simple, neat and easy to find. I do still buy cds but after they get put on the computer, they go in a huge case and only see occasional play in the car. I own one vinyl though. It’s Lucero’s ep. It’s only because of the art work and support of the band. It’s soon to be encased in a frame and hung on the wall.

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I would have to say that nowadays I prefer the MP3 over anything else, however it has put the vinyl to shame. There is lack of good bottom end and not much art work on an MP# file aside from the a tiny pic of the cover. I miss kicking back and reading along to the lyrics. I only own just a few records now, everything else is on CD or MP3.

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I usually get the cd’s and rip them to my hard drive. I’ll make a copy to play in my car so the originals dont get scratched up. i wished i still owned someof my old vinyl’s though.. plus I’d have to have something to play them on if i did ..

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Digital is defo the most practical and portable, but nothing beats the charm of vinyl and the scratches on your fav records that you’ve heard so many times that when you play the song in your head, you include the skips and jumps :)

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I think records sound bad. When people say they like pops and imperfections that only exist on vinyl, I wonder if they think the same about skips on CDs. I suppose it works for Dylan or any classic musician for that matter.

I like my wall of cds. I think that is something I can pass down to my kids, like I got my uncles records back in the day. There is a lot more meaning in sitting down to a cd and reading the liner notes, looking at the art, memorizing who got thanked, etc. I used to care who the producer was, what publisher was listed per track, and finding all the neat secrets on the album.

Now that I’m primarily digital, that seems lost. Plus handing down an external hd is lame. But none the less, that is the format I use for cost reasons.

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shockvalue, do you drive a Volkswagen or Mini Cooper?

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@CameraObscura: Haha what?! No. I drive a 1961 Ford Falcon.

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Live. Everything else is an approximation.

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What could be more indie than old cassettes??

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A gramophone?

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or an 8 track.. ha ha!!

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i like cassettes cuz they dont scratch

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cassettes get eaten and torn by the player though….always hated that mess.

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