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How long should you leave a memorial ribbon be displayed?

Asked by Beckquador24 (221points) April 14th, 2008

My employers mothers just passed away.
Anytime a employee looses a family member we put a white ribbon on the door.
Is there any type of guideline on how long it should be displayed?
Just out of pure curiosity.

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my husband is a detective his colleague got killed last month and he just took his off his badge now

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I’d say as long as it takes the “affected” (bad wordage, but it’s all that comes to mind) to get through the grieving process. After that, it’s time to move on and grow while still not forgetting the “good times”. People are different, so having a set time may be difficult.

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When they are ready let them take it down.

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I agree with letting the mourner take the ribbon down when ready. There’s a sense of completion when you remove the physical signs of mourning yourself.

Sort of like the concept of people at a funeral shoveling dirt into the grave of a buried loved one, it brings a sense of reality to an event that can seem surreal. (at least that’s done at Jewish funerals, not sure if anyone else practices it)

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My father died in November and as Jews, we wear a crea, a black ribbon that has been ripped, for a period of 30 days. Orthodox Jews may wear it for up to a year, It does not have to be visible to the outside world, that is a matter of preference. It has its roots in the biblical instruction to “rend your garments as a sign of mourning”, I am not sure of the citation.

The workplace is a different situation. I understand the symbolism of mounting the white ribbon in honor of the deceased and as a sign of support for your co-worker. My only comment would be that some people carry their visible grief longer than others. An employee who has lost a loved one might take great comfort in seeing that ribbon every day, but for other employees that ribbon might remind them of their own issues and that might be counterproductive.

I guess what I am saying is that you have a nice gesture there, something I have never experienced in my 35 years in the workplace, but you should put a finite limit on how long the ribbon stays on the door. For matters of public mourning, we may fly the US flag at half-staff for thirty days and that length of time seems about right for the ribbon on the door.


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I am going to agree with gooch! I would let them know that the ribbon was theirs, and they could do with it what they like.

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I agree with gooch and the suggestion bulbatron added is good too.

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I think it is generally 3 weeks.

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