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If you had to change your first name, which name would you choose?

Asked by Seelix (14914points) February 15th, 2011

Inspired by this question.

It seems, from reading those answers, that a lot of us don’t like our names, and either have changed them or want to change them. If you had to change your name, what would you change it to? Why?

What name do you think best suits your personality?

As for me, I’m not sure what name I would choose. I’ll post it if I think of anything…

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Isabelle or Rachel or Alessandra
One of those

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I would’ve picked my name: Alexandra.
But I love the name Willow and Ophelia.

I feel like it fits me, even though the meaning is stupid.

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Saxon Wolfcock
Sir Fornicate-a-lot
Jerrell Gjesdahl

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@Michael_Huntington : How about Seaman Stains or Master Bates?

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Buckiecumthwistle :¬)

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Well I already changed mine, and as I’m comfortable sharing my real first name online I’m happy to tell you that it’s Lewis. It’s the male version of my original (female) middle name.

I’m not telling my new middle name or surname though. ;)

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Carmen or Jemma

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I like my name now. If I had to change it, I’d probably go with Anastasia.

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Cyan, after all he is my avatar lol – I am an old school fan of final fantasy, and Cyan is the knight from FF6 (FF3 originally in usa). You can call me Cy for short if you want ;)

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I would have said Nick, but my nephew was given my first name but Nicholas as his middle name. So to differentiate he’s the Nick in the family.

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I’d be Nina. For whatever reason, I love the name Nina. Much better than my real name.

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Daria or Marisa

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I like my name. If I had to change it, though, I would totally take the route of @lucillelucillelucille and do something that would be more an expression of what I thought about society and less what I thought of myself.

At first, I was thinking something like “Rebecca.” Kind of a fun mind-fuck.

And then I say @lucillelucillelucille‘s comment. And I thought “Hey – let’s take that all the way…and why not do something like “Fuckface”” If people refused to use it, there’s always “Face” and of course, we could go with the avoidance-behavior and just let them pronounce it “Fook-fah-che.”

And then…I thought…“Well, let’s make a real political statement…”

So, I think that I would change my name to “Faggot.” I’m gay – I own that – and I think that would be an awesome act of disempowerment – takes all the fun out of it for the biggots.

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My dad wanted my first name to be Jerry. Jerry? Where did that come from? Anyway, my mother changed this on my birth certificate to John.

I have nothing agains the name Jerry, but its not me. I am content with what I have.

Thanks, mom.

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Aside from just legally changing it to Liz instead of Elizabeth, I like the name Soleil (so-lay).

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@noelleptc Pronounced with a hard e, or like Alice?

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Today I suppose it would be Rudyard.

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Friedrich Nietzsche :) It only sounds cool because we know who he is lol.

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I’ve always liked the name Genevieve. However, my mom told me that I had a distant cousin who was a stillborn child and her name was Genevieve. That made me really sad. Maybe if I have another daughter I’ll name her Genevieve and call her Genny for short. My first born’s name is Evelyn Isis.

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My name suits me well, but if I had to change it, I would choose Yvonne. I also like Simone.
My daughter allowed me to choose a middle name for my granddaughter and I chose Simone, which will be spelled Symone.

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I think my name (Rachel, not Mariah – long story) is so boring. Everybody’s name is Rachel! I don’t know that this name would suit me at all, but I like the name Indigo for a girl.

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I love the name Lily, but it certainly would not fit me. I’m perfectly happy being Jan’et, pronounced just like it would be without the apostrophe and I thank everything holy that my mother didn’t go with her original thought of naming me… Leticia.

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If I had to change my name, depending on the mood I was in (= currently, caffeinated), I might play nice, get really creative, or even go the Prince-as-The-Artist route.

From now on, you may refer to me as —-’,{@ . Or >^..^< if you’re a friend.


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I don’t know if I can trusted with renaming myself. Good Question.

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I feel like this is my chance to mentally explore being it witness protection . . . I think I would go for Jesse or Dana. Something kind of gender neutral with an Appalachian overtone. Maybe Darcy . . .

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I’d probably change it to Avery or Riley. Not that I want to change my name, but if I had to, those are the likely candidates. In reality, I love the name Rory as well, but since that’s my boyfriend’s name, I think I’ll leave that one for him… :P

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Adding to my previous post: a lot of people already know me as Nina, since it’s been my preferred “online name” for over two years now. It would be a fairly easy transition for most people in my life, except my family. I told my mother about a year ago how much I liked the name and she was actually worried that I was going to legally change my name. Then she got her feelings hurt, because she loves the name she gave me.

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I like my name and cannot think of another one I would like to have at the moment. When I was really young, I liked the name Jo (from Little Women). When I was a teenager, I liked Frank Leigh (as in “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a…”.

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My parents almost named me Rafael.

I would love to have that name now.

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I think Catherine (the full version of my given name) would suit me well.

I think my daughter’s name is perfect for her personality, but I have a feeling she may have a different opinion at some point. If I had to rename her, I would choose Lyla Joy.

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I think my first name, Flogwidge, is probably the best name I could ever have. Just look at me. Don’t I look like a Flogwidge?

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I think Malcolm – Mal, Malc, Mac….... :-/

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My job title, to make things easier. Kind of like Groundskeeper Willy or Moe the Bartender. It just seems to easen things up a touch.

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@12Oaks so if you change your job, do you change your name?

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@12Oaks by that logic I guess I’d have to change my name to either “Budge” (short for budget) or “Est” (for estimate).

Either that or “Eq” (for equipment summary sheet).

Maybe just Slojg, for Shitty Little Odd Jobs Guy.

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@optimisticpessimist I’ve only had one job, but I suppose so. Ranks in the military do that (Captain mith, Colonel Smith). So, yeah, I suppose you could go from Chef Smith to Cabbie Smith to Doorman Smith to Hooker Smith (Yes, my Grandpa was a hooker). No reason why not, maybe.

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1. Jerry
2. Blade

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Isaac or Ferdinand.

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I have an original name now but I’m not going to share for safety reasons. Although I love my name, I would prefer the name Zoelie (pronounced Zo-ah-lee). It is a French origin name meaning life and I feel drawn to it, if it is possible to be drawn to a name. :P I also love the name Emeline but I think Imight name a daughter that in the futur.

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Alexis, I think?? But now I’ll just have to name a kid that instead.

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I actually have a really cool first name. I’ve only ever met one other person in my life who has the same name.

But if I had to change it: I’d go for Olivia Evelyn.

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Noir. Who of anybody has that name? I love it.

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Well, there is Queen Noor of Jordan. I always thought that was a lovely name.

And now that I see her, I think she is, too.

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I’m changing my name. It doesn’t cost much, and legally you can do it. Jaindelilah Noir. Yay!!

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Right now I’m kind of partial to Skeezix. I don’t know why, but for some reason unrelated to anything in this thread I started to think of the cartoon strip Gasoline Alley.

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My name is so a part of my very being. I don’t imagine being able to turn my head by any other name. I love my name.
I named my first child Hedy Camille. She is now seventeen. She loves her name! Thank God!
“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”

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I think I am an Emily, even more so as I age, or Ella which is my middle name. I smile when people are worried about being identified, not that they are wrong, just that there are probably over a million faye robinsons. There are 2 of us here in my small city and she doesn’t pay her bills and only my phone # is listed.

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I’d also change my last name to something beginning with “Ch” as well, because names with double Ch’s are awesome.


Charlie Chaplin
Cho Chang
Chocolate Chip


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Christine: “Why would you change your name to Alastair?”

Please say, “I don’t know.” ;-)

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I dunno, maybe Marvin.

I’m ‘Robert’ when I need an alias.

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@iamthemob Um… what? Well, here it goes anyway:

I don’t know.

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@SavoirFaire – I was flashing back to You Can’t Do That on Television with your reference to Alistaire.

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I think I might want to add an L (but lowercase) to the end of my current name. Would that count @Seelix?

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Sure! I’m having a heck of a time imagining a name that may or may not have an L on the end…

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I asked; it’s actually Stevel.

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How about Crystall?

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@noelleptc – Agreed. Names should be phonetic. That means @WasCy is Wa-skee.

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@noelleptc Mine is phonetic in its original language. Does that count, or do I have to change it to Noo-lough?

@everephebe Wouldn’t that work out to everephebel, or “ever-feeble?” Mayhaps not the best choice.

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@Nullo, it would be a silent L. Not for my user name actually for my real name, you see.

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@everephebe Thank heavens for small favors.

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I love the name Fiona. That would be it for me.

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@Earthgirl I love that name!

I’ve decided “Ignatius” might be pretty cool, too.

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hmmm, lets see.
maybe sabrina or april. I dunno why but I like those names.

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