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Should I be concerned or am I over-reacting?

Asked by hurleygrlblink (185points) April 15th, 2008

I went in for my yearly exam and I had my pap done, I have always had normal paps. This time I didn’t hear anything for a month, and I got the card with my results in the mail today and instead of the box for normal being checked, the box saying “changes, which require further evaluation to rule out or establish any significant diseases, please call to schedule an appointment for evaluation, was marked, and I am freakin out. Also, the word “colposcopy” was written in. I also haven’t had a cycle in almost 6 months, which was the main reason I went in for a check up. I am really scared could anyone out there let me know what this means? I mean they would call me if there was cancer or something found right? I am 22 years old.

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Don’t freak out yet! Pap smears often show up as abnormal even when nothing is wrong. A colposcopy is a standard follow up exam that should show if you need any actual medical interventions.

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Could be a large number of things – anything from changes due to a change in diet, stress, or other to small anomalies found…...
Cancer is only one of many many possibilities and probably the most severe one – until you get further information don’t jump straight to such an ultimate conclusion.

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I hopeneverything turns out okay for u. I dont no much about paps. Hell I dont even no much about boobies since I’m gay so sorry I have no advice just thought I’d wish ya good luck.

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If you’ve been getting yearly paps and they’ve always been normal before, then most likely even if there does turn out to be something abnormal, it should be easy to take care of because they’ll have caught it early.

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Being well-informed helps.“Colposcopy.”

Often it is just some inflammation that can be taken care of by freezing the cells -like the dermatologist does when he removes a small skin lesion.

However, I can understand your anxiety. We all would be.. Make app’t soonest so you can find out what is going on.

Oh, the procedure is about as uncomfortable as the pap; just slightly more dilation and peeking. Deep breathing helps. Keep us posted.

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gail gave you some great tips, and that was a good link for information. I had the same thing happen and I freaked out too. It turned out to be a simple common infection, and a course of antibiotics is all I needed. Several factors can give abnormal results during a pap, not just cancer. So like gail says, schedule as soon as possible, so you can get results to calm your fears.

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Don’t stress. I’ve done them before in clinic round. It not something to be stressed out. All it means is just another test to verify of something is a little unusal. Pretty routine.

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Call the medical provider and ask them. You are paying for a service, and all you have to do is ask. Don’t ever let something you don’t understand upset you, ask the professional, and they will explain it fully. Every question you have can be answered to your satisfaction. Get the service you pay for, ask.

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