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What could this rough patch on the inside of my cheek be from?

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) February 15th, 2011

The left side of my cheek is kind of rough, and I didn’t burn it, and to the best of my knowledge, didn’t bite it either. I didn’t notice it until yesterday, but it’s really annoying, and if at all possible, I’d like to make it go away.

Except I have no idea how it got there.


I know this is a stupid, stupid question. But it’s really, REALLY annoying!

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How about a color description? And, size?

Like Supermouse stated, it could be thrush.

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I don’t think it’s thrush, as the color of the rough patch is exactly the same as the rest of my cheek. No visible bumps really, and I’d venture a guess at the size… um, maybe about the size of a penny?

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You may have eaten something that irritated it. Also, you could have bitten your cheek without realizing it. It’s possible!

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That’s happened to me very occasionally from time to time and I’ve realized later that I had probably bitten or chewed it during the night while asleep.
I always sleep on my side and not my back and I move from one side to the other multiple times during sleep and it probably got crunched a bit.

The inside of the mouth is a pretty fast healing area, generally speaking.

If it’s a week later and still the same, then it’s time to be concerned.

In the meantime, maybe a salt water rinse several times a day might help.

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I’m willing to bet that you accidentally bit it without realizing it.

Another suggestion: were you eating a hard candy at any time in the last couple of days? I remember sometimes when I was younger, keeping a hard candy in one place would sometimes result in a rough patch.

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< is a dentist. It sounds like cheek bite to me. Maybe in your sleep? In which case it will resolve in a few days. Other than that, do you smoke or use any tobacco products? There is a condition called leukoplakia related to use of tobacco products that can present like this but re-reading your description I really think it’s a cheek bite.

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@trailsillustrated: I do often sleep on that side of my face, and no I don’t use tobacco. I’ve been having weird dreams lately, so maybe I was gnawing on myself. I figured it would hurt though. Thanks!

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This is happened to me before… I don’t have any idea what it is but I’m with you! Mine have always gone away rather quickly but maybe try some Peroxyl if it’s bothering you.

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