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Did you get what you wanted for Valentines Day?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) February 15th, 2011

I know this is a loaded question and anything goes. Question: did you get what you wanted for Valentines Day?

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Yep. Nothing.

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I got some quality time with my fella which was a nice surprise.

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Yes! I got a big smile from my husband when he opened the hilarious card I gave him, I got a nice dinner alone with him after the kids went to bed, and I got…. well, you probably don’t want to hear the rest. It was a very nice Valetines Day!

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Being single I kinda didn’t expect anything and got as much. lol

Though I did get a thank you for the flowers I sent out.

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I did – my two favorite men, my son and my ex-husband, took me to a friend’s wedding. The bride was beautiful, the ceremony was very sweet, and the reception and food wonderful. It was a nice way to spend Valentine’s evening.

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Anef is Enuf, nothing? If not, I will be the one to at least say, belated Happy Valentines Day to you. And, give you a mark for a great answer. Did that help?

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Yes! I got a very very unexpected surprise =-)

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Mine was a little less than expected, but not tremendously so. Overall, it was a nice Valentine’s Day.

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Yeah, I got everything I wanted and then some. I went the cliche route and got her a dozen roses. I got a You didn’t have to do that, a nice smile and she’s been very happy since than. Plus the roses smell friggin awesome. A nice little pickup this time of the year to smell throughout most of the house.

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@john65pennington thanks, happy belated Valentine’s Day to you, too.

I genuinely didn’t want anything, and he asked if I wanted “a card or something, chocolates, maybe?” and I said no. He knows me better than that. It’s just another day. I don’t need a special day to do something nice with my husband. :)

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I did ask for people to shut up about their special someone. I don’t care how “madly” in love you all are with your significant others. Did I get it? Obviously not but I guess I am the winner in this situation. I didn’t have to buy anyone shit. Greedy society!

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@ANef_is_Enuf I’ve been a little preoccupied with some stuff, so the fact that it made a difference to her serves as my wake up call to do a better job of taking care of her. Just a little thought I need to keep in mind. So it was well worth it to me.

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Yes. Valentine’s Day was all about making it a special day for my 7 yr old daughter. That, I accomplished. I fixed a heart braid in her hair, something I’ve never done before and she was thrilled it turned out. We also made sugar cookies, then I used one of the heart cookie cutters and made heart hamburgers for her. I also used the cookie cutter on the buns and cheese. They turned out really cute. We had a good day.

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@jonsblond Aw sounds cute! How do you do a heart braid??

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@sliceswiththings Here’s a link. She told me she wants to do it every day now. My mornings have begun earlier now. ;)

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I didn’t want or expect anything, but Mr. Fiance went down to get a newspaper yesterday morning and came back with pink roses. It was a nice surprise :)

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Definitely. I had a lovely dinner at a nice restaurant with my sister and two girlfriends, which was heavily discounted because I knew the manager. Then I went home and had some pretty decent lovin’ from a very cute guy. All in all…pretty good evening.

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For the most part, it appears everyone had a good Valentines Day. Loving someone does not have to be expensive. A cutout red heart with I Love You on it serves the purpose. It’s the thought that counts.

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Absolutely. I got my favorites though some people think them typical:
A dozen long stemmed roses
Dark chocolate/marzipan candies
Bath salts/oil
Day trip
Intimate dinner in our favorite spot
*My fiancee smiled the whole day & night :D

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Orchids and amazing sex.

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