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Who are these men?

Asked by WestRiverrat (19915points) February 15th, 2011

What were they famous for? Why does modern history overlook their contributions to the United States?

Samuel Huntington
Thomas McKean
John Hanson
Elias Boudinot
Thomas Mifflin
Richard Henry Lee
John Hancock
Nathaniel Gorham
Arthur St. Clair
Cyrus Griffin

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Are we doing your homework?

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John Hancock? That’s an insurance underwriter and a building in Chicago.

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Not homework, I work with teachers and I stumped them with this question last week at lunch. It took them 2 days to track it down.

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Signers of the Declaration of Independence?

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Two days! Yikes. I recognized at least three of the names on the list before ever I saw @hawaii_jake‘s response.

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All signers of the Proclamation for a Day of Thanksgiving and Prayer.

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Only four of them signed the Declaration of Independance.

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Do they all have an Arby’s franchise?

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Oh, the Black Rob Regiment.

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Presidents under the Articles of Confederation.

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I’m just ashamed I didn’t realize it sooner and had to make a couple of guesses. I’m going to have to brush up on my American history. Good question though.

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now I’m ashamed.

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But the more interesting part of the question.

Why are they so seldom, if ever mentioned in most history books?

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@WestRiverrat May I take a guess. It may be because the Confederacy hasn’t existed in well over a hundred years, and it may be an era in American history that some may think is better off forgotten. (Just a guess, not necessarily the opinion of the author).

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The Articles of Confederation gave the states too much power and didn’t work very well. There was too much confusion and thus, our great Constitution was born.

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@12Oaks uh… “Articles of Confederation” date to the beginning of the Republic. In fact, they predate the Revolution. This is not “The Confederate States of America” we’re talking about.

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The Articles of Confederation were the governing laws used between the establishment of the United States and the ratification of the US Constitution.

Most historians say they were a failed attempt at government. I feel they were a key measure to the establishment of the Constitution. Without the Articles of Confederation there would have been no space in which to create a workable government.

I dare say the newly freed colonies would have fallen into the Civil Wars predicted by the English government. And we would have soon been reabsorbed into the British Empire.

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@wascy Oops,.got my historical eras a touch mixed. It doesn’t happen often. Fourteen hour work days have that affect.

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I don’t like those men.

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@12Oaks easy enough. Confederation sounds like Confederacy. The words pretty much mean the same things.

@Dutchess_III oh, no. Why?

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hee hee, I just saw that thread too. My husband says I have to ask fifty questions before I can answer one. I’m sure it’s a pain for people here. But my heart is in the right place——most of the time.

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The fact that they limit the questions here—unlike Wisdm—makes me read other people’s stuff more!

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Oh! Why they are these guys.
Sam is on the left ;)

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