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Are flexibility and confidence correlated?

Asked by nebule (16446points) February 15th, 2011

Are you flexible and confident?
Are you flexible and insecure?

I want to know whether flexibility and confidence are related? in a positive correlation way… one goes up and the other does too…

I mean…

I don’t like people dropping in on me because I like to be prepared, because I’m not good with people = not flexible = not confident

I like everything to be organised, from road trips to breakfast plans because I’m not confident in my capabilities to deal with unknowns.. = not flexible = not confident…

You see where I’m going with this… do you agree…

tell me your story…

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I am flexible and I am confident.

Just ask anyone I have arrested.

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I think there’s a correlation in that if you’re confident, then being flexible is no problem, you can roll with the punches.

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I’m not hugely flexible and not hugely confident. I’m like you, if someone’s coming over, give me notice! I also kinda suck with people I don’t know very well.

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It depends. If flexibility = wishy washy, then no.

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@YARNLADY can you elaborate on “wishy washy”

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I can be flexible, but I am mostly not flexible and not confident.

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@nebule (name change?) It means someone who says he will take the kids to the park, but when it gets too cold, changes his mind. Or someone who agrees with person A until person B says something different, then agrees with them instead.

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@YARNLADY I’m talking more about self-reflection rather than judgement of others

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I’ve always been taught to expect the unexpected. In terms of flexibility I’m always ready for plans to change. In terms of confidence with expecting the unexpected I’m pretty confident that things really never go as planned. In terms of confidence with flexibility, I often welcome something different. In these terms alone I would say I’m very confident and flexible.

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I wish I were organized well enough to be inflexible.

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I only need to deal with what’s in front of me.

My wife is like you, somewhat. Don’t come calling when one of her soaps is on. Don’t knock on the door at meal time. After 5PM – forget it.

And if we do something ‘early’, that must include several hours for planning and dressing.


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I think I see a correlation.
I was less flexible when I was less confident; however, I still do not like spur of the moment most of the time when it comes to going somewhere other than the store. That may be more because I am the one who has to find the sitter and/or prep all the stuff if the kids are included.

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I just sat through 4 hours of meetings with Mr. Confidence. He was not flexible one bit. He wanted it his way, and wouldn’t entertain alternatives. Unfortunate for him, I outrank him. Fortunate for him, I like to play nice.

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I can be flexible to get what I want or to give what someone I care for wants but I am mostly not so flexible and not so confident.

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Quite flexible. I think it was my work, in nursing we never know what might happen. I enjoy the unexpected, it often turns out so good. But, I hate drop-in company and sometimes won’t open my door!

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Thanks everyone for your answers, I think there is a positive correlation and would suspect that if we carried out an experiment the results would confirm this. I wonder, what other factors do you think make people inflexible specifically?

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Authoritative and competitive personalities are usually inflexible. From what I’ve seen at work, lack of education can lead to inflexibility, as does being overwhelmed, and lack of imagination. These are the types of people that I encounter who are resistant to process change. I get a lot of “but we’ve always done it the old way” as rationale for resistence to change. I’ve seen managers fired over it; they are on projects that they shouldn’t be on, and don’t have the skills to be in control of something that’s either too large for them, or they don’t understand the components.

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I think age can also cause inflexibility. As in, elderly people who do not like change, but that also may relate back to confidence.

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Lack of flexibility is a sympton of insecurity.

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@josie in every case?

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