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What word or phrase in the title of a Question catches your eye immediately?

Asked by seazen (6113points) February 15th, 2011

And makes you feel the need to reply, for whatever reason…

A curse word?
Psychology or Psychiatry?
Something Political?
English and studies?

You get the idea.

Extra lurve for detailing why said phrase makes you more inclined to reply… is it because you are an expert in that field? Is it close to home? Does it just tickle your fancy?

Hello my lurvely jellies – been away – missed ya…


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Gay, lesbian, homosexual, and GLBTQ.

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The words “iPhone” or “Android” usually get me to bite, but anything that’s short, well worded, and interesting can grab my attention.

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NSFW. It doesn’t mean I click on it, but it definitely pops out out of other questions.

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Actually, nothing. I have a bad habit of only reading just some of the words in the question (and detail, specially if the details go on and on an on) rather than all of them. I just haven’t really seen a pattern as to what words catch my attention more than others. I think it’s random. But, once I’m paying attention I will answer whatever question I’m in the mood for or know something about, or feel like answering or amuses me or gets all hot under the collar with righteous indignations and fuels some kind of crazy rant, or sometimes it’s the OP’s user name that catches my eye and I answer because I like them or we are fluther friends, like sometimes I answer questions only because @seazen has asked them, even if I don’t really have as good of an answer as he might want.

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I think it’s the question mark.

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I look at almost all questions, ones about dreams pop out because I hate listening to other people’s crazy dreams, and don’t believe they mean anything. Really, anything medical grabs my attention because I’m a nurse.

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@seazen See? That’s why, among other reasons, you love @Jeruba (I do too, in a totally intellectual and platonic way, of course). Because she, in spite of all the words she knows and all the ways she knows how to wield them, only uses the ones she needs and rarely says more than needs to be said.

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* sigh *

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NSFW. I guess I’m a perv at heart.

Religion questions, also. Of course. Because I’m one of those jellies. ;) Damn troublemakers.

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I thought about this for a while and the first things that came up were…“how” or “what” generic catch words and I thought….naw…not good enough so I went to the social listing of questions yo peruse all the Q’s and one word did jump that I am like a moth to a flame and that was “Obama”. I have strong opinions and not just for bashing the man. I am genuinely interested in the POTUS and the job he is doing for our country. No time is more important than now with the budget, health care and military issues we are facing so Obama questions will always get my attention.

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If there’s a question mark ..that’s usually enough to get me to look at the sentence.

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