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Are there still any apothecaries still around and actually doing business?

Asked by silky1 (1505points) February 15th, 2011


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There’s only one in my neighborhood :-)
Merz Apothecary, Chicago IL, est. 1875

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There are certainly compounding pharmacies and pharmacists around. That might be the closest thing to apothecaries that are still around.

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There’s one where I live too! It’s a cool spot.

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Yup, my teacher is working at one right now.

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I know of three within twenty miles of my house that compound liquid scripts and none that made capsules or tablets.

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I know of two in my community.

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I think there’s at least 10 in Manhattan.

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Plenty of them. I can think of about four right off the bat in my area. I’m speaking of compound apothecaries. In addition to those, the pharmacies at the hospitals here also prepare compounds.

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