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Why Hillary is so "hard head" to quit the race?

Asked by Iiphone01 (17points) April 15th, 2008 from iPhone

politic for first time voters

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I think she wants to “win” than to change the country, not win to change!

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I don’t think there is a reason for her to leave the race. Neither she nor Obama have the nomination wrapped up yet. I’m not even sure the Dems will have a candidate after the first round of the convention.

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ahahah! the Advertisement to my right says: “should Hillary quit?”

How’s that for targeted marketing?

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BirdlegLeft has a good point, there’s really no reason for Hillary to leave at this time. She’s only down by 140 delegates or so, and has plenty of time to catch back up.

Besides, if you’ve burnt through over 170 million dollars on your campaign, would you just let it go?

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No reason? How about dividing the party from her unfair attack, risking the opportunity for another Bush alike
to be the president, sticking with the unwinning war, continuing with economy crysis. Are these enough reasons for you?

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What about turning those remaining money into helping the party wining republican? By the way, it is not her personal $170 million. If you really care that much!

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@liphone01 I can see where you’re coming from, but I think you need to look at Clinton’s standpoint. She must feel that she still has the opportunity to win, and if she just conceded to Obama right now, everything that she worked hard for would be gone.

Don’t get me wrong, I think many of the tactics she has employed thus far were brutal and uncalled for, plus a more ‘united’ Democratic party would be better in order to defeat McCain in the upcoming election. I was just trying to take a non-subjective approach to the question. I want Obama to win as much as you seem to.

I understand that it’s not her personal $170 million. But do you think that really matters in her mind? Speaking of which, I think it’s a little repulsive to spend that kind of money to make a single person look good when you could be using it to help your education system or some other civic project. Just my two cents.

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@Adrianscott, your point is also well taken.
But the stake is high and there is no way that she will win John Mcaine. It’s the another reason Republican wants her to win Obama.

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… yeeeaaaah, guys (sniffle). Why won’t Hillary and Obama both just drop out so McCain could just take this election?

This line of thinking is particularly funny to me because it’s coming from liberals. Also, it’s not like this money is just being sent to a landfill- it’s being cycled through the economy- which is a good thing.

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I’m with @adrian on this won. As much as it pains me to say, Obama is not the clear cut winner. Would you expect a football team to give up when there is 5 mins left in the game & they are down a field goal & in scoring range?

The same argument can be made for Obama to withdraw and in fact I think it has been. I actually think this is a good thing because we are learning so much more about the candidates.

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@liphopne01 you’re probably right in stating that Obama has a better chance at defeating McCain over Clinton, but that’s not really what your question was asking, was it?

You wanted to know why Hillary was being so hard-headed about sticking with the race, and the answer is easy: she wants to win. We could probably debate the strategic and moral implications of her continuing to battle with Obama, but when all is said and done, she’s going to go out fighting.

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@Adrianscott, my last comment was simply just to follow up with yours. I know what my question was asked! Well, you got my word, you got my bet. We shall see who American deserves in the very near coming. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Please don’t let our opions differ our belief, value and respect for ourselves and our country. This is my first time being eligible to cast my vote. Regardless to the outcome of this election, I am really inspiring to be the president of the United State in the next 20 years.

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@liphone01 good luck to you, my friend!

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If you truly aspire to be President of the United States one day, then I suggest you work on getting an even better command of your language skills. It will be an invaluable tool to you.

Good luck to you & when you’re campaigning be sure to shoot out to Fluther so we can all say, “we knew him when…”

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Hillary won’t drop out because, to all indications, for her the race is about Hillary For President. Because she was one of the favorites at first, if she loses this race, she’s unlikely to get as good a shot at the Presidency again, so she’s going to do everything she can to win. Even if it means splitting the Democratic Party and leaving it in ruins, even if it means that McCain wins.

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Quitters don’t Win

Winners don’t Quit

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@Luna, I am sorry for expressing my comment with the mixture of my emotion.
Coming from someone knowing someone experiences all of the crysis we have, It is hard for me to keep my emotion exclusive.
Nonetheless, your comment is constructively taken. I thank you.

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I heard a great NPR story that basically debated just this topic. Turns out, if you are not the party in power it doesn’t hurt you one bit to go to the convention without a nominee. They pointed to FDR and Carter as examples. (There were a few others too that I can’t think of.) Someone will have to be my fact checking’ cuz on this, buy FDR went like ten votes in at the convention before he became the nominee. And, we all know his legacy.

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