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If you could time travel and converse with your teen self, what advice would you give?

Asked by Deja_vu (4157points) February 16th, 2011

I would tell myself not to fret, that I’m ahead of the trends and not a weirdo, pluck my eyebrows, and everything is OK.

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I would tell my self to take that road trip, have a lot more sex, study a lot harder, and knock off the booze.

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Learn to love yourself.

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Lay off the partying.

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“Your life will not turn out how you wish or expect, but it will therefore be a most excellent adventure. Oh, and do try not to be grumpy; it doesn’t suit you”.

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Don’t quit eating healthy, and start wearing khaki shorts. Also, don’t walk out on that job you had when you were 16. It paid ALOT more than other kids your age were making, and NO, not all kids are that rich, there are plenty others just like you, but you wouldn’t know because you go to a private school.

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Go ahead and keep that journal as you will learn a lot about yourself and you can revisit your thoughts from time to time. Members of your family are going to die early, love each of them as much as you can every single day. Someday, you will be able to be who you are (a lesbian) and you will be accepted for who you are, so stop tormenting yourself. Don’t start smoking because it will be harder than Hell to quit. A large epidemic is going to happen that will kill many of your friends, make a point to be fully present every minute you spend with them. You will be a pariah for your choice to walk with these friends on their journey—and it will be worth every minute!

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Buy stock in First Solar… its going to make a 500 point jump in a couple years.

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Keep on jerking off, you don’t go blind :¬)

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Hold OFF! Do not ask anyone to marry you. Your perfect mate is waiting for you, when you turn 21 years old.

I think this came true.

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Shag about less and concentrate at college more!

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Don’t be afraid to sign up for a Jiu Jitsu class.

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Quit dating that guy who’s 5 years older than you. He’s handsome and great in the sack, but he’ll treat you like shit in a couple of years. Get out before he sucks you in.

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I am still a teenager, but I wish I could tell my younger-teenager self to friggin’ relax and go live a little.

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Get into therapy. Now.

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Boys are not that important – do NOT let them influence your major life choices. Pay attention to the other things in your life and never stop doing your best.

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not to give people advice… especially myself.

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Stop being so damned timid.

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Don’t listen to those people who tell you that it doesn’t matter what you look like and that it’s only what’s inside that matters. They are wrong. Lose the weight, keep it off, slap on some makeup and smile. Your insides are just fine, by the way.

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I’d say “self, DO NOT get that tattoo.”

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Go to art school, like you really want to. Parents don’t know everything. Oh, and you can be a boy after all…

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Become a vegetarian now! Learn to cook and learn all you can about nutrition and good health. Keep up with the exercise. Don’t get so attached to those boys and figure out a way to get over heart-break quickly. Don’t let shattered love or un-requited love take up your time. Ask for help in school, get a tutor. Find some decent volunteer work and do it regularly. Learn how to converse with older people, pay attention to them and help them with their chores. Don’t stop ice skating.

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Don’t be so angry young man & go to school! :-/

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I would tell him what he has already told me.

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Instead of going to art school to piss off your parents, take a deep breath, relax, and leave the career decision for later.

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Buy Microsoft, yahoo, google, facebook…....

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Time travel does work, despite what I say later in this thread.

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Don’t marry those guys! and don’t take up smoking, drink less, don’t perm your hair!

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I don’t think time travel is possible, but it might be worth trying.

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