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Do you think Civilization will collapse within our lifetimes?

Asked by Hobbes (7355points) February 16th, 2011

I’ve known about the many environmental problems which face us today for a long time, but until recently I had been seeing them in isolation, I think. I’ve made a list of the major problems Civilization has created for itself, which we will probably start feeling the effects of in the near future. Taken individually, the problems perhaps seem surmountable, but seen as an interrelated group the picture becomes grim indeed. Some of this list was based on one Jared Diamond presented in the book “Collapse”, but I’ve altered it a bit and added some of my own.

Climate Change/Global Warming
Energy Shortages/Peak Oil
Water Pollution/Depletion
Soil Problems
Species Extinction
Habitat Destruction
Effects of introduced species on native ecosystems
Trash and Toxin Buildup
Epidemics affecting humans
Epidemics affecting crops (UG99, Colony Collapse Disorder, Effects of Monocropping)
Experimental Accident (High-Energy Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics)
Nuclear Weapons/Waste

and of course, good ol’ Warfare

It seems to me that shit is going hit the fan one way or another, probably very soon.

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