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How can you show your loved ones that you really love them?

Asked by aLittleBit (241points) February 16th, 2011

Are there special ways to let your loved ones know that they are TRULY LOVED? Aside from the obvious answer; ” By telling them”... Are there behaviors, gestures, actions, etc. that help to convey the message?

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Listening is huge and spending time with them doing stuff they love to do. ;)

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@aLittleBit, get and read The Five Love Languages, or go online and take to test to see what your language is.

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For my children, I show them how much I really love them by caring enough to parent. I can say no, I know how to set boundaries; however, I also realize the importance of exploration in life. I listen to them. I allow them something I wasn’t always allowed, a voice and an opinion. I allow them to have their range of emotions. I wasn’t allowed that growing up. From the seen and not be heard generation.

For my husband, it’s with respect, trust, loyalty, intimacy and friendship. Honesty, even when it might hurt his feelings. He knows something about me though, I’m fiercely loyal and protective of my family. I have their backs at all times.

I love my family and find ways to show them, all the time.

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Tell them. Take a deep breath, draw life into your heart and say it to their faces. Simple: ‘I love you’. Repeat it if necessary – a sister of mine tends to make a lot of jokes, I had to say it three times. That did the trick.

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My sons and I hug and say ’ I love you ’ no matter who is around or hears us and we feel it from each other , and that is worth everything on this planet .
They are grown and gone their own way , though the bond of love no one can break , before we hang up the phone , before they drive out of my driveway , we say I love you and we hug with all of our hearts.

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