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What is it with askers who don't give out lurve?

Asked by Ladymia69 (6881points) February 16th, 2011

I rain bushels of lurve upon everyone, especially if I am the asker. I see people answer questions all the time where the asker will not reward the answerer with even a schmeckel of lurve! What is up with that? Is it stinginess, or just thoughtlessness?

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That’s your choice. But you shouldn’t be answering questions in order to get lurve, you should be answering in order to contribute your expertise.

My own choice is to give lurve only to answers that are clearly well-researched, well written, helpful, clever, and well thought-out (the same applies to humor). Anyone can vomit out any old comment, but truly helpful and thoughtful posts should be rewarded.

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I know, I know, but I love discussion so much, that while I am reading someone’s reply and feeling like “yeah, they have a point!” I will just hit that button. I am not stingy with it because I appreciate everyone’s input, without which there would be no discussion.

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Lurve should not be a factor when asking/answering questions….

It shouldn’t matter if you get it…or….you don’t get it…

when it starts to matter if you don’t get it…...It’s time for a Fluther vacation…

I give it when I remember….when I forget I don’t…

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When a person asks a question, receives a number of thoughtful, helpful answers, posts a thank-you, and goes away leaving all the responses sitting at zero, that’s almost certainly a newcomer. They’ll catch on in time. Most likely they will never come back to that first question and belatedly thank their responders. That’s just the way it goes.

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I think there tend to be a lot of different theories about lurve floating around here.
As @Jeruba said, often new users haven’t quite grasped how lurve works, or what it is. However, some long time users seem to only give lurve for exceptional answers/questions. Some don’t seem to give any lurve at all, but you can’t really know for sure. Others, like you, may give lurve simply for participating in the discussion.
Since there are no strict guidelines regarding when to give lurve, it is really open to interpretation by all jellies.

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And that’s the bottom line, @ANef_is_Enuf: it’s up to each of us. There’s no wrong way to do it.

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Some people just forget to give lurve.

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@Jeruba and @ANef_is_Enuf I have noticed it with a lot of the new flutherers. And it’s cool. I am not fixated on lurve. I just think if we all have cookies to share, why not share them? :)

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And I do not answer questions to get lurve. I do it because it’s fun.

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Usually, and there are exceptions, when I ask a question I lurve every contributer.

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@filmfann Same here! That’s totally what I am saying! I think it is something not to be begrudged; to me it’s like a little reminder that I like you, and I respect what you have to say.

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@ladymia69 I have noticed it with jellies well over 10K, so it is not a new user thing.

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I haven’t really asked all that many Qs but I always lurve everyone who has taken their time to post an answer cuz I see it as similar to when I call up a store or office or whatever to ask a question about something and I verbally thank them.

I just think it’s common courtesy. But I also think that some people who may be quite verbally polite in RL just have a different viewpoint about lurve.

The newbie thing has been mentioned already and that’s pretty common since they’ve never heard of lurve until they arrived here.

As for experienced users, I’m wondering if some people take the phrase “Great” Answer way too literally. Thus, out of all the answers given to their own Q, they only pick out one or two which they perceive as being truly “Great”. They don’t necessarily see it as a simple “thanks” but rather a judgement call on which is best (or truly great :)

It’s basically a different perspective. And since there really aren’t any rules about lurve, its entirely up to them.

For myself personally, as long as someone has made a good faith attempt to answer my Q (and isn’t being a total A** hole about it) I’ll thank them with lurve (even if the answer might be later proven factually incorrect).

It’s the effort that counts. Besides, lurve costs me nothing to throw around, so why not?

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Perhaps some people just forget, although it isn’t obligatory to give out lurve.
That doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t like your answer/question.

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If people take the time to answer one of my questions,I always give lurve and a thank you…sometimes money.;)

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I really think subconsciously it is because after so many GA’s the lurve is pointless! (Get it? lol) Since it doesn’t add to their lurve total and it then doesn’t really mean much anymore…why bother? Kind of like handing out $5.00 in Monopoly money to someone and telling them to go buy something. Plus the lurve is anonymous and that pretty much prevents you from knowing who lurved you and any reciprocating that might otherwise occur.

Me I lurve bomb all the GQ’s and GA’s like a fiend….but they have to be at least reasonably good or funny.

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“Lurve bomb”

Cute :)

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They are probably from yahoo

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Even better, what isn’t lurve?

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Baby don’t hurt me…don’t hurt me…no mo….

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I know, right! I work so hard to get it all in just a few words, but alas, nary a sandwich.

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