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Where can I find the Bob Roberts clip from SNL?

Asked by buckyboy28 (4938points) February 16th, 2011

I’ve searched high and low for the Bob Roberts clip from SNL, the original skit from December 13, 1986 that the movie is based on. I haven’t been able to find it, but perhaps one of you knows where I could find it. Much appreciated!

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You can watch the whole episode on Hulu Plus. It’s the the seventh episode of the twelfth season of Saturday Night Live. Yeah, I looked that last bit up. :-) It’s not on regular Hulu, only on Hulu Plus which is pay service but you can sign up for a free trial for a week which will give you access to the show.

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And if it’s on Hulu Plus, chances are it’s on Netflix instant streaming, as I have all 36 seasons in my queue.

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@dalepetrie You’re right, the episode is also available streaming on Netflix who provides a free trial too, if @buckyboy28 doesn’t have Netflix service. But I may have jumped the gun here. I thought either way, the buckyboy is covered, but both Hulu Plus and Netflix seem to have the same product. The problem is that, I don’t exactly know what they have both contracted the rights to but many of what they are both calling “full episodes” are not that at all, now that I have kind of looked around. Both Netflix and Hula Plus are showing that episode, Season 12, episode 7 at 36 minutes. Not even close to being a complete episode. It’s 90 minute show. Even minus commercials, 36 minutes is not a complete episode.

This is the disclaimer that Hula posts:

“Full episodes of SNL consist of material that is cleared for online streaming. Some sketches and musical performances may be omitted due to various restrictions.”

I didn’t see if Netflix had something similar, they very well may.

So, @buckyboy28, I seem to have let you down. Who knows if that 36 minutes contains the Bob Roberts clip? Sorry buddy. I will look around a little more.

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@lillycoyote – yeah, I discovered that the SNL does not include every sketch. They don’t show the musical guests, and depending on the episode, it could be as much as 1:05 or as little as 23 minutes (see the 6th season…the one that almost destroyed the show).

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@lillycoyote No problem, I’ll keep searching. There has to be someone along the way who has all of the seasons of SNL backed up to vhs tapes.

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