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How did you discover that you were colorblind?

Asked by Fly (8697points) February 16th, 2011 from iPhone

I’ve always wondered how this works…
Did your parents suddenly notice that you kept calling your blue toys “red?” Did you find out later in life that things that you thought were certain colors were really completely different?
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I took a color blind test.

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When I say green,, everyone else says blue.

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@Rarebear Was it a standard test given to, say, everybody in third grade, or did someone suspect you were colorblind and get you tested?

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My mother knew my grandfather was colourblind, and that my older brother is not, so she suspected from the start that I would be. Her suspicions were confirmed after a few years when red flowers on bushes appeared to be camouflaged to me. I first did the Ishihara test when I was about four. My mother warned my primary school teachers, but they simply said ‘every child confuses colours’. Then they proceeded to tell me I had coloured things in wrong – but they looked fine to me!

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I didn’t find out officially until taking a vision test in my 20’s that I have red-green color deficiency. (red green color blind) But, I should have known in kindergarten when everybody else could easily pick out the right crayon but I had to read the label to tell the difference in purple or blue, green or brown, etc… Red-Green is actually fairly common among men.

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@augustlan Well, I needed corrective lenses very early—I’ve worn glasses since I was two. So it was just part of the standard screening. I’m only mildly red/green colorblind.

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