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How deep is the deepest part of the ocean?

Asked by weasy (9points) February 16th, 2011

How deep is the deepest part of the ocean? It’s always been a question that i have been wondering about. Any answers??

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The Challenger Deep in the Mariana trench. 35,840 feet. (10,924 meters) I knew it was the Challenger Deep. Had to check the actual depth though. We might find something deeper eventually.

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WOW!!! That’s amazing!!!
Thank you for the answer, no I can stop wondering :)

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@weasy Well, never stop wondering. Now you can just wonder about something else. :)

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Already wondering if it;s really the deepest part, as how can one explore the whole ocean..hmm?!

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It’s done with sonar, which is accurate to 0.2%

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