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Sorting the thoughts in your head?

Asked by OliverYoung (382points) February 17th, 2011

Hello dear fluther.

So, I’m a young guy (18 years) currently studying and trying to find my place in the world.
At around my age, I guess a lot of people begin having those thoughts. Thoughts about the world. About balance. About importance, love, reason, truth and well, about mostly everything I guess.

I happen to be a fortunate person. I have an easy time talking to people, I learn quickly, I’m decently looking, I think a lot, etc. etc.
What I’m trying to say with that, is, that I haven’t had a bad life. It’s not like I’ve been bathing in money, but I have been fortunate with most things.

As I previously stated, I think a whole lot. This can be both good and bad of course. And right now, I dont know what it is.
I play a lot of music, and immensely enjoy listening to most music too. But, one piece has caught my attention.

I’m sure some of you are familiar with Keith Jarrett. One of his concerts is famously know, The Koln Concert. And while I enjoy that piece, it’s his less famous Vienna Concert that I simply find astounding. I feel like every second I’m listening to it, I understand everything a bit more.
Or well, a better way of putting it is like this:

If my thoughts are pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, listening to this song kinda “sorts” the pieces. I hope that metaphor made sense!

I was wondering if anyone could relate to this? A song, a book, a painting, a movie, something that simply helps sort out the pieces in your head.

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When I go for walks in the woods,take my boat out on the water,listening to music or when I am making artwork,I am able to do exactly that!
Good for you that you have found something to help do that
This question made my day:))

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If you ever figure it all out, let me know what you were listening too. I do the same thing, just haven’t put it all together. I’ll have to look for the Vienna Concert. Thanks

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When we relegate our linguistic brains to the back ground, and bring forward our non-linguistic brains, we can sort through information and make connections more easily. Music helps us bring forward our non-linguistic brains.

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Yes, sometimes for me it is music, sometimes it is sleeping on things, sometimes it is being outside in the woods.

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One word of caution: Don’t try this while driving. I’ve gotten so deep in thought I’ve almost run red lights and stop signs.

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I get that way in and around water especially when going for a swim. For me taking a swim when thoughts need to be sorted out is the best way to do that. Complete silence other sound than the rushing bubbling water as I swim. Just drifting in a boat, floating on an inner-tube or sitting in a hot tub or jacuzzi does that same. I think better when I am relaxed and not much else relaxes me more than being in or around water.

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A long, hot shower; sitting around the pool listening to the water fountain play it’s watery tunes and the wind blowing through the pine trees in the yard; just sitting in my recliner with my eyes closed, listening to the sounds of the world around me.

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I am an Aspie, so sorting my thoughts is difficult even in the best of times. Sometimes I listen to loud music to shut the rest of the world out while sometimes I need more quiet than I can get at home. Sometimes I need to do something to simultaneously focus and distract my mind while sometimes I need to just sit somewhere peaceful like the edge of a remote pond or a quiet walk around the block.

I don’t think that there is a magical, universal cure-all. So many things work for me sometimes but not others.

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Dancing helps me more than anything , I let everything go and after dancing it seems things fall into place , in most cases . Also letting go on my drums is a great way for me think and let the inner me come to life.

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