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How long does nicotine stay in your blood stream after a cigarette?

Asked by KayS (13points) February 17th, 2011

I don’t want to disclose in a mouth swab that I occasionally smoke.

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You might find this article helpful.

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I’d been wondering this too. I’m over a month off (slipped one night around new years). I am trying to exercise and I want the effects to be out of me.

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I read once that the effects of the cigarette start wearing off within 20 minutes; sorry I can’t be more specific.

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They say one and half months to two months.

Is this for a life insurance policy or is for a job?

Life insurance could be voided if they find out you smoke—NO CASH BACK !

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Just to say, a mouth swab is probably not just looking for presence of nicotene in blood, it’s most likely much more involved and long-term then that. I can’t say for sure, but that would be what i suspect.

{edit] also, This site scares me.

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Google tells me 6 hours, 24–48 hours, 30–36 hours and 3–5 days. Is this for life insurance? I am amazed that a mouth swab could detect that.

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