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What are you afraid of?

Asked by dreamer31 (1932points) February 17th, 2011

Do you have a phobia? I am a brave strong person and will not hesitate to catch a writing spider to let it go, or squish a yucky one. But recently when I stepped out of a building,I stepped on a snake that was eating a rat! It fipped around and slither over my bare foot. My husband could not believe the snake did not freak me out, it was the fact there was a rat in his mouth!
So my phobias are rats and almost equally, roaches.
I wonder if there are names for these phobias….

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Holy Crap! Where oh where did that happen?! Ugh and I hate hate hate roaches. I moved from a house in one day when the neighbors brought roaches to the area. We put the tv outside, washed everything down, and put stuff in the new garage for a week in the very cold. Took not a one with us either…

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I’m scared of bees/wasps/stingy bugs. And failure.

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Spiders, any size. I check ceilings in places that are not my house. As I typed that, I checked my ceiling. I’d love to live somewhere warmer but I worry about the spiders anywhere warm.

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@janedelila I was in an old shed stepping out. I agree, I would rather live in a tent outside with the ants and mosquitos than with one roach! EEWWW!

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:-| @Dreamer31. Ugh. That would freak me out.

I can’t say I like insects generally but I don’t get freaked out if there is a spider on the wall. Crickets and Cicadas really bother me though because they jump. Funny story (well I think it’s funny), my cat brought in a cricket/cicada (one or the other) and let it go in the house. I happened to be lying on the sofa, reading a book, wearing nothing but my nighty. The insect flew up my nighty. I jumped up and started running round the room trying to get thing out from under my nighty. It just few higher. So I ran round the room more, screaming loudly with my nighty now pulled up around my head until it got the message. My children and husband found this highly amusing. So amusing they were laughing too much to help me. I did not! To add insult to injury, I decided it was time to go to my bedroom and read and what did the rotten cat do, bring the dratted insect into my bedroom!

Anyway… apart from horrible crickets and cicadas… I have a phobia about parking in places I am not familiar with. I have discussed this elsewhere but it brings me out in a cold sweat. I really hate it. I don’t like parking generally but especially not in places I don’t know well.

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Bugs. All of them.
Negative judgment.
I’m really weird about driving. I mean, I do it (sometimes), but I’m scared the whole time. Especially if I don’t know where I’m going. I always take the same (scenic) routes to the places that I go regularly, and I go way out of my way to avoid traffic.

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I would say Munckins, but I don’t fear nor fight those things I claim doesn’t exist—that makes no sense. I do get tense in crowded eateries and public restrooms, maybe borderlining fear.

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@Mz_Lizzy that made me laugh!

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@Mz_Lizzy oh my gosh!! lol

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@ANef_is_Enuf I am with you on negative judgement, big fear of mine.

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Bears. I’m loaded for them and I’m afraid of them XD

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When I’ve been left on my own. Like a rainbow… Like a rainbow in the dark.
And niiiighht peeeoooppplleeeee
+10 for any Dio fans

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Mail from the government.

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@Mz_Lizzy I wish I was a sit-com producer! I’d sure work that one in!!

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I have no other fears – I’m not phased by typhoons, hurricanes or tornados – have been through lots of them, including ones that have snatched off my roof (tornado, while I was in the house huddling in the crawl space) or caused me to wade in waist deep water (typhoons).

But, earthquakes scare the crap out of me. I lived in Japan during the big Kobe quake. Seems like every time I travel back to Tokyo there’s at least one little quake that jolts me from bed at least once during my stay.. I truly live in fear that I’ll be in San Fran, Tokyo or LA during a “big one”. Makes me glad I now live in the northern midwest where quakes are really rare.

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- Most insects, with the exception of ants. That goes double for those that sting or have shells.
– Large spiders. (I actually like the small ones, but once they get larger than a quarter, they go from cute to scary.)
– People who don’t know how to drive in the snow yet attempt to do so anyways
– The Far Right (I am not being facetious; they legitimately frighten me!)
– Small and/or sharp things pointing anywhere near my eyes. Even some aisles in the store are a little nerve-wracking for me, even though I know the odds of me tripping and poking my eye out are infinitesimally small.

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Train tracks.

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Not afraid of insects or stuff like that, that’s kid’s stuff. Maybe the bugs in the Amazon. OK, any bug or animal in the Amazon, I am afraid of!

What I am really afraid of is natural disasters, getting sexually assaulted or mugged or robbed or shot. Being in a situation where someone could torture me. POW stuff.

And also, I am afraid that I will never, never achieve my potential.

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Not getting lurve


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I am pretty low in neuroticism BUT…...I am a bit claustrophobic and I am phobic about people vomiting…..bleh. haha

I have no issue with animals, bugs, etc. can pick up a dead mouse by the tail, a lizard, poop of all kinds, just no human barf and poop.

Raising my daughter was the exception. lol

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Phew! I was gonna have a panic attack for a second XD

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@XOIIO Funny! me too, I need more lurve!

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@XOIIO I gotcha, don’t worry!

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@ladymia69 lol!thanks.Here’s some lurve for you two.

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@dreamer31 That would have done me in for the day. I could not have handled that.

@Mz_Lizzy Oh my god, that was so funny. I completely understand why your family was too busy laughing to help!

I am afraid of my daughter getting a serious disease or injury, centipedes and millipedes, my husband’s tendency to brake at the last minute, knives, and falling (not heights, just falling – even off of a step).

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Hidden cameras

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A fear of falling, but not a fear of heights.

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Im scared of photographs of mom and dad when they were young. Im scared of growing old and running out of fun. Im scared of madmen with bombs who think they’re god. Im scared of the Mexican Mafia.

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Nothing. Why?

I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.

we love you frank

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Wow, some serious and some funny answers, which way should I go?
I’m afraid of the usual things but mostly of making a fool out of myself. I am very careful not to get in a situation where I would lose my dignity…funny story about high school..We had an English teacher who was fond of giving surprise topics for 5 minute speeches. It was supposed to get you used to ad libbing. This, of course, was a total nightmare for a shy girl like myself. The day came and I was resolved not to let it terrify me. I picked my surprise topic out of the hat. “The Joys of taking a Bubble Bath” it said. I launched into a 5 minute treatise on the joys of bubble baths which, as I got deeper and deeper into the double entendres of playing in the bath and being naked brought sly grins from the boys and twitters of laughter from the girls. I don’t even know where I was getting the words from but there I was driveling on and on! I thanked God when I could retreat in utter embarrasment back to my seat. 9th grade English, what a joy!

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I’m afraid of snakes , spiders and big dogs ! Your story ( question ) freaked me out !

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I gotcha too @XOIIO…you have lurve no matter what! Even if you stumble, lurve is HERE!

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@Pattijo trust me, I freaked out, but about the rat! I love the answers.

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Nothing, really. Well, except maybe car wrecks, but they only slightly freak me out. It’s not full blown fear. The dentist used to scare me, until I realized that my teeth are fine and I haven’t had problems with them since I was 4.

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.I get freaked out crossing bridges in my car now….because, so recently, so many have FAILED. Like, when people were right in the MIDDLE of them. They just collapsed and broke.

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My biggest fear in life is something bad happening to my child.
also: heights

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I’m not afraid of bugs, because when I was little I used to search for daddy longlegs to play with. And when I got a little older, my sister had a scary spider-falls-onto-head-in-shower incident and I became the go-to for taking bugs outside. (I don’t touch them anymore if I don’t know for sure they’re not going to bite/sting me, but I won’t kill them)

I’m not afraid of heights because I love to climb trees (still!) and hills on hikes, and to do that, you’ve got to get high.

What I am afraid of—to passing out point—is shots. It used to just be being injected with things, but that fear has slowly crept out into a lot of medicine, to wear I’ll only maybe take ibuprofen if the swelling has doubled the size of the area, and Claritin if I’ve got such bad allergies I can’t see for all the itchy swelling around my eyes; I got my blood drawn recently, and I thought I’d be fine there, but I started freaking out really bad and feeling extrememly sick because it was so long and so much of my blood (and I’m not squeamish around blood). And when people start to talk for too long about medicine and all the side-effects it causes my whole body starts to squirm and I have to leave.

I’ve also developed a weird fear to doing things I really care about, recently… I’ll just avoid avoid avoid because I get so scared.

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In terms of insects and creatures, it would be moths. I hate the sound they make when it’s quiet at night and all you can hear are their bodies being flung around, hitting walls and whacking themselves into lamps. What’s most scary about them is that because they’re attracted to light, you can only hide in the dark. As soon as you turn that light on BAM they’re hurling themselves at the base of your door trying to get in…well that’s my experience anyway…

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Diving into a fluther of sea wasps. :-0

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Okay, i’m unconscious & i’m vaguely aware that i’m being revived. I come to my senses to see i’ve been straddled by a toothless geriatric lapdancer from Minsk named (appropriately enough) Ivana Humpalot. Turns out she was only to keen to administer mouth to mouth, thus awakening me from my slumber. My penis has now shrunken to an unheard of miniscule size & I smell the distinct aroma of cheese about my lips. I’m afraid… very very afraid :¬(

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Large hairy spiders. Especially when they appear from above the sunvisor in a car I’m driving!

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The spreading of unfounded pessimism about humanity’s future. Lack of interest in science and engineering and teaching. People seeking pleasure instead of gratification.

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The only fear that really plays regularly on my mind if losing the man I love.

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I’m not sure if what I have is exactly a fear of heights or not. It’s kind of asymmetric. Take for eacmple a skytram. The first part of the ride, going up to the highest point, I am damn uncomfortable. But not the second half. I’m perfectly happy going down.

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I think my greatest fear is Alzheimer’s. The idea of losing my mind and not knowing my loved ones is terrifying at best.
And for you guys that are afraid of roaches, you should live in the deep south and check out Palmetto bugs. They make your little roaches look like a day at the beach! And THAT, my fluther friends, is my number TWO fear!!

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@VS I do live in the deep south and although everyone says those monster roaches (a.k.a palmetto bugs,water bugs,ect.) are not roaches at all, they are to me, just super-sized and even worse some of them actually fly! AAAAHHHHHH!

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I just read about one in the health section of our paper yesterday. I can’t recall how it was spelled (and I couldn’t pronounce it) but it was the fear of constipation. I have that. I was constipated once, that I can recall, and I thought that if it kept up much longer, suicide would be my only option. I eat a lot of fiber to prevent that from ever happening again, but sometimes I will stop and think, “OMG! did I eat my flax meal today?” and start to panic.

I also suffer from fear of flying, and that coupled with the fear of constipation (happening on a plane) is about more than I can take. I have a general fear of heights, like going up in tall buildings, but flying and then having the fear that the bathroom might be occupied is horrific!

Bugs don’t bother me too much unless they are actually crawling on me. I’ve been known to rescue all sorts of bugs from the bathtub and put them in a Dixie cup and return them to the wild.

I also have a fear of catching viruses. I’ve been extremely sick a few times in my life and it scares the heck out of me to think that it could happen again. The worse illness I ever had started immediately after my nephew played in one of those baby jump for joys at Sea World. If you think about it, those things are huge germ incubators, because the babies may have colds or the flu and their snot and feces and urine get all over the place. My nephew got a little bit sick, but I ended up in the hospital.

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Actually… I must retract my previous answer.

I’m afraid of giant, lumbering, soulless, Kafka-esque bureaucracy. I had a pretty crazy nightmare a few nights ago along these lines…

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Nothing like government to induce nightmares.
Shhhh now, I’ll sing you a lullaby. lol

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I am also really afraid of amputation. That really freaks me out. Even the idea of losing a finger would be traumatic for me. Needless to say I won’t be going to see “127 Hours” anytime soon.

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Scorpions and having no restrooms available. Must be age; never thought about it when I was twenty.

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I know it’s really weird but I’m sooo afraid of all bugs except butterflies( iv held them, soo pretty) and spiders, which really interest me, im not afraid to go near one or touch one.
DEFINATELY DO NOT like cockroaches, eeww, yuck!!

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by the way, except ants too, i love it when they crawl all over my arm, it tickles lol.
(not red ants, ouch!)

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@queenie gah you’re brave! ahaha…. I was afraid of ants for the longest time (when I was little but still) because a friend and I had upset an ant nest while playing with water. We both noticed that our own legs were kind of tickling, looked at each other’s face, then at each other’s legs and screamed, because they were completely black with ants up to the thighs (and rising, nearing our shorts). We grabbed the hose and washed and washed and washed… true story..

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Worms, especially small things like maggots. I think it’s called Scoleciphobia but I don’t know if that includes maggots since those aren’t technically worms. But eh I hate worm like stuff with no recognizable end. (so I’m not scared of penises or tentacles) If you dangle a worm in front of my face, I’m not gonna tell you to fuck off or scream, I’m gonna run, hide somewhere and start crying. I’m not even joking. I HATE worms. Especially when there’s more than one, it makes me want to faint.
To think that, when I’m dead, there will be worms everywhere in me. That fucking sucks.

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@Symbeline Interesting… sister has the same reaction to frogs…..

when you’re dead, BTW, no, there won’t be worms everywhere in you. You must have been traumitized by the same movie I was, where the psyco kid sings, “The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out….”

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Haha yeah, The Hearse Song
I’ve known that song by heart since like for ever. Although my version was a bit different.

What movie was that even in though?

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@Symbeline Cremation defeats the worms. We have to have a cement box around our coffins in my town.

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Oh man @Symbeline…I don’t remember! Maybe….a Betty Davis movie? Or am I confusing it with Whatever Happened to Baby Jane….either one was just horrifying!!!

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@jca You said, My biggest fear in life is something bad happening to my child. That goes so far beyond mere fear! I can’t even go there, you know….?

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