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How difficult is the WorkKeys test?

Asked by lbwhite89 (1208points) February 17th, 2011

My fiance had a successful interview at a company he’s wanted to work at for over two years. He has to go and take the WorkKeys test in four portions (1 hour each) in order to get the position.

I was just wondering if anyone here has taken this test before or has any tips. He found some practice tests on the website, but there are multiple levels so he doesn’t know where to start.

My fiance graduated high school in 2008 and is out of his groove, so to speak. He slacked off in school, so I’m worried he won’t do well.

Any information about this test would be great.

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It wasn’t hard for me and I have been out of school since 1998. Most of it is reading and comprehending information, and charts for math. I got platinum score but I am good at taking tests. You have to take your time (but not too much), it has a few trick questions that you must think about carefully. Those practice tests are probably a good idea. I do know if your not satisfied with your scores, you can take it again.

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It would be helpful to know which four assessments he has to take. There are nine assessments, the most common of which are Applied Math, Reading for Information and Locating Information. Of those, Locating Information is the most difficult. If he’s concerned, he can use a credit card and take practice tests online at for $5 each. The three tests I mentioned plus Applied Technology are available to take online.

Make sure that after he takes the tests that he goes to and signs up for the National Career Readiness Certificate. The online certificate is free and there is a link that he can include on future resumes.

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