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What's the deal with so many people in Cali. having tattoo's?

Asked by Jody (53points) April 15th, 2008 from iPhone

is it that big of a trend? Where do u draw the line at?

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Are there any statistics out there? Most of the People I have seen with Full body tattoo’s or any tattooo’s have been in Florida. It all depends on how many people you actually see I guess. I go Irvine California alot and come to think about it I have not seen any people there with tats.


there are more places than just cali where people have tatoo’s you probably live there so you just notice it more because those are the people from your town/city/state but it everywhere not just there

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Tattoos have become quite a trend, and I think we can all agree that Ca like to lead in trendy behavior.

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“Where do you draw the line at?” ahahaha!!!

And yes, it is becoming much more accepted by the general public. Tattoos are no longer reserved for sailors and hooligans; while they are still not fully integrated into the work place, body art is hardly taboo in today’s society. With a boom in reality television shows such as TLC’s LA Ink and A&E’s Inked, tattoos are not just becoming accepted, but sought after. Likewise, the recent surge in celebrities and entertainers sporting ink has encouraged the average Joe to follow suit.

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It’s a requirement to live there, I think.

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Maybe you see more in California because the weather tends to be warmer, hence people in general wear less clothing.

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peedub’s tattoo’s are rub on tattoos, do those count?

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depends… do they rub off too?

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I’ve been know to rub one out here or there.

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I was waiting for that…

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hopefully not over there.

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I would have to say you are generally seeing more people with tattoos because the weather promotes less clothing (one of the things I love about Cali). I live in Portland where it is kind of cold and rainy all the time. I have two sleeves and my legs are done….You would never know it though. Cold weather does not make for a very fancy tank top day.
I know peedub already touched on it but it is the COLD, hard, fact of the matter.

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