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Would you join a particular church in order to land a job?

Asked by BarnacleBill (16065points) February 18th, 2011

A relatively decent size company has several openings for which you’re qualified. All of the management of the company belongs to a particular mega-church, and the company is a large financial supporter of the church, including taking out ads in the church newspaper about doing business within the church community. Several people who have applied for positions there have said that during the end of the interview, they were casually asked something social that would lead to an indication that you also attended mega-church.

While there is no proof that people are not hired because they don’t attend mega-church, the impression is that if you really want the job, then belonging to mega-church or mega-church junior, is a leg up in the interview process.

The company’s great to work for, salary’s good, you know several people who work there. And you’ve been out of work for 9 months.

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Hell, no.

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But could you lie about it? :-)

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Am I a member of another church/faith? Personally I would not be willing to forsake my beliefs and the faith I love and believe in so strongly just for a job. Now, If I did not have a strong faith or belief system and really needed the job I would be willing to check out this mega church and at least go through the motions until I land the position. Is this unethical? Well no more unethical than hiring people based on the church they attend or on their religious beliefs.

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No, I’m not into cliques…….

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@BarnacleBill what kind of church? What is the statement of faith regarding church membership and what is the membership process? I’m a thinking person so I’d need more information than to just say an out right “yes” or “no.”

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I actually had this experience. I worked at a Hospital owned by Seventh Day Adventists at a temporary job.

While they did hire non-believers, it was an uncomfortable atmosphere for me, because they held prayer sessions (sort of like pep rallies) during the work day on site.

When they offered me a full-time job, I turned them down.

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If I had to attend this church for work related reasons I could…I may join if I HAD to on the sole conditions that
A: I didn’t have to pay anything.
B: I didn’t have to be a recruiter for said church.
C: I don’t have to attend outside of work.
D: I can leave said church anytime I choose.

I can fake believe for a really really good job

But alas I can only think of one job I would do this for….But it’s not a opportunity I would have….other than that I don’t believe there is another job I’ve heard of that I would even consider doing this for.

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I would never join a church to get a job, nor would I join a mosque or a synagogue. Actually, if I had any implication that matters of faith would be taken into account or even promoted at work that would be a huge turnoff to me. I’m also taking into account the fact that I don’t believe in any religion, so not the place for me considering all the interaction there would be with the church community. @marinelife prayer at work? that would totally bug me out, it would be like Catholic school all over again

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I know it may be appealing especially if you have been out of work for 9 months.
You need to ask yourself if you would take this job if you were still gainfully employed.
Too many red flags here.
I would not walk away from the opportunity however, I would run!

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I would take them to an industrial tribunal and make a claim for compensation based on religious discrimination, which is illegal in the UK. It might be hard to prove, but they might think twice about breaking the law in the future.

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It’s not worth it. They would own you. Would you be paid for every Sunday you lost? What about the mandatory “Charity Saturday” events? Or the semi obligatory 10% donation? Or the Tuesday dinner with Maury? Or the… it’s endless.
Your self respect – and time – is worth more than that.

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No. I applied for the librarian’s job at a parochial Jewish school. At the interview, I told them that although I was Jewish, my husband was not and I would want Christmas day off. I had a great inteview, but was told later that the Board had decided that would be a problem and I did not get the job.

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It’s a no for me too.

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If I had no real ties to another religion and didn’t much care about it one way or another, sure. As long as being a member was all that was required. I wouldn’t promise to go to every church or event service or donate money.

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Don’t drink the Kool-Aid

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I tried organized religion – it did not work out well for me. I believe, but I have my own beliefs and I don’t have to belong to some mega-church (or any church for that matter) to communicate with my creator. So my answer would be no, I would not join a church for a job. I’d work at McDonald’s first, and we all know how I feel about THAT!!

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If I was desperate and had been out of work for months or years, and the job was guaranteed, I probably would just to get and keep the job. Heck, I might even attend, if I could sit at the back and read a book instead of listening to the sermon. Dawkins’ “The God Delusion”, for instance.

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Yeah, I would. I could fake it for long enough to find another job, gotta eat. Maybe I could check out their business practises and expose them if there was fraud!

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That would be a big no for me , they don’t own me and never will !

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I’m with @faye Join and fake it long enough to find another job. Gather evidence of discrimination and take them to court.

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Absolutely: I need to eat. Not only do I need money to eat, but churches hold potlucks! I was brought up Christian, and would have no problem implying piety without technically lying. Might be harder if this were a religion I was less familiar with.

Unless it’s the Church of Scientology, in which case I will happily start dumpster diving. Same goes for any other organization that exhibits too many cult traits, or is fundamentalist.

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@bkcunningham, the church is a Christian denomination mega church, with 12,000 members, gets 1,000 kids for youth group each week, owns its own newspaper, employment agency, etc. Half of its membership is former Catholics. People who go there love it, and are very tight with their community.

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Hell yes. I don’t have to believe any of the malarkey. But it is dang tough getting jobs these days.

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