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Do you think a dog or cat enjoys having a 4-legged companion or would be fine without one?

Asked by Aster (18942points) February 18th, 2011

We have two dogs. Since they sit next to each other so closely on the sofa, have chasing matches around the house sometimes and fake argue over toys I think they are very fond of one another. I don’t know how they’d be alone without an “s/o.” Did you buy your pets in two’s and , if so, did you do it for them and believe they like having a friend?

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Yes and yes. I think they like to have furry friends, but I also think most animals would be fine alone.

I got my first cat intending to have only one, but then a few months later my sister gave me another one. I didn’t do it on purpose, but now I think I’d rather have two. They seem happier when there’s someone else hanging out on the floor with them.

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Dogs like to have other dogs for company. Cats, not so much. It reflects how they live in the wild. Dogs are pack animals by nature. Cats tend to be solitary hunters. However, neither dogs nor cats like being left alone.

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I think they like to have other animals for companions.Right now I have two cats and a dog.They get along very well,play together and have good manners when they ride along in the car or boat together—Yep,boat—XD
Before my current pets,I had two dogs.I didn’t get them at the same time though,as training,IMO is easier if you get them one at a time.

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It is nice to have a companion for your pet. I’m certainly not going to lick the inside of my dog’s ear. ;)

Our two dogs are litter mates and get along quite well. They are always by each others side.

We also have a 2 year old male cat. We just moved to a farm and my husband brought home two kittens to keep in the barn to chase the mice away. One disappeared within days of bringing them home. We noticed there were two adult cats hanging around (don’t know if they were left behind or belong to the neighbor) so we decided to bring the other kitten inside. She’s six months old now and our two cats always cuddle and groom each other. It’s so adorable!

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That really does sound adorable, jonsblond. (;

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Dogs are pack animals. They generally love having companion animals.

Cats are different. If they are not raised together from kittens, it is difficult to add another cat although they sometimes will accommodate.

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I agree with what has been said above about dogs, but I’ve heard that bringing an adult female dog into a household that already has an adult female dog can be difficult. Comments?

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My Shih Tzu is 10 years old and has always been an only pet. My son is an only child, I am an only child. We all did just fine with no sibling rivalry. Dogs may be pack animals, but GiGi IS the alpha dog and we are her pack!! :D

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Dogs definitely love company of their own kind as they are very much pack animals. Although with enough human company, the human pack suffices as a substitute. I don’t know enough about cats to comment on them.

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@VS Do Shih Tzu’s shed? I love those dogs. Our bichons don’t shed at all but are very loud barkers.

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@submariner Not all dogs will be accepted into the pack. They have a pecking order, and they work it out by biting each other.

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Our cats have been together since very young kittens, they snuggle all the time, groom each other, play together..hump each other. We really worry about something happening to one, and the other becoming depressed :(

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I’ve owned 2 cats; neither cat tolerated having other cats in their presence.

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