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Is fluther lurve a popularity contest?

Asked by dreamer31 (1932points) February 18th, 2011

I ask this because I see that so many people answer a question but don’t mark great question. If it is worth my time to answer, it is worth a GQ point. Or if I like the answers I mark them with GA points. I am just curious. How do you determine when something deserves a point?

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You give…..You don’t give
You get….....You don’t get

It shouldn’t matter either way….

Personally I don’t care if I get anything…..But I need to remember to give more (especially in questions I ask) I keep forgetting to do that….then when I remember I have to search a lot to refined the answer/question….

And as far as I can tell there isn’t any “system” on when to give….
I’ve gotten a lot on (in my opinion) bad answers and sometimes none on (in my opinion) good answers….???

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I have always sort of wondered that myself.

Once in a while, I will ask a question that gets a pretty colorful thread going, but not much in the way of GQ lurve.
Not that it matters I guess, but it is an interesting phenomenon.

I try to get back and give lurve for people who bother to answer my questions, unless they are absolutely condescending, which is very rare. Sometimes I forget, which I regret.

I usually give lurve to people that I follow if they show up on a thread. That includes the ones that I seem to annoy or that clearly do not feel comfortable about what I have to say. I figure at the end of the day, it’s pretty much all in fun anyhow.

But I suppose it is a sort of popularity contest when you get right down to it.

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You decide if you thought it was a good answer or not; if it was, reward it with lurve. If it wasn’t so great, well, there is always another chance down the road.

I give GA to things I think are GAs. If I ask an opinion and I think they are all relevant, they may all get GA. If I ask a question and someone gives some oddball answer that has nothing to do with the question, then no GA.

As for Great Question, I only give those when I feel like the question touches me in some way that it sparks my interest, a lot.

You can’t do anything with lurve, it’s just there to show you the lurve! When your new, it can be frustrating, especially if there are a lot of newbies. They don’t always know to reward good thinking, good writing, or good input with lurve.

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I always give points to good and helpful questions and answers , even if I didn’t ask the question or give the answer , unless it is spam —- + up

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A question has to be really good for me to remember to give it a GQ.

@josie Just sparking a great discussion doesn’t always do it for me. If the question itself was asked in a controversial way, it’s bound to fire people up. That doesn’t necessarily make it a great question, you know?

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@augustlan I suppose. But here’s GA lurve for you anyhow.

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I realized that I often forget to give a GQ to a question I liked…because I got too excited and spent all my time typing answers!

Since the lurve score is pretty inconsequential anyway, it doesn’t really matter.

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Oh, see here is the PERFECT example, I happened to have asked the question of the day on fluther and the GQ score is 0.
I realize that it really does not matter. But that cracks me up! Funny!
Thanks to everyone for your interesting views on it.

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I am fairly new but like incendiary_dan, I get wrapped up in the answer sometimes and forget to reward the great questioner. Good question by the way Dreamer ;-)

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I just found a question that may have answered this one, but noone here has answered that one: who is the next big thing on fluther?
Those responses are polar opposites to all of these. It is a popularity contest,at least for those people interesting.

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That Q was asked almost 3 years ago when Fluther was still young and fresh. We’re older and jaded, now. ~
You’ve been here 4 days, it’ll come.

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@JilltheTooth Oh I feel so smart..I did not look at the date.

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I have much the same problem as @incendiary_dan – I’ll respond to a post or question and then realize “shit, I totally meant to give lurve…” Even when it’s so good I feel the need to publicly compliment it.

Often, I won’t realize it unless I look back and think “Hmm…why isn’t there more GAs/GQs on this one?”

Of course, I feel like lurve is often used as a weapon. On more than one occasions I’ve seen a couple of people with a minority opinion on a thread with low lurve scores, and those in the majority with tons. And, unfortunately, in many cases it is the most confrontational of the majority that have the most of that lurve.

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@iamthemob Squeaky wheel gets the grease?

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I always give Katawaygrey lurve, but I can be forgiven for that. It’s a mom thing.

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@JilltheTooth Sometimes I’ll give my husband a GA if I see he’s received one and I’m also on the same thread (especially if it’s a heated debate). For some reason I think if everyone sees he has one GA they automatically assume I gave it to him. If I give him one more, they’ll know it wasn’t just me. Make sense? Really silly if you ask me. :/

I like to give great answers to anyone that answers my question, as long as they aren’t being a total prick. I like to give a GQ to any question I think “Damn, I haven’t thought about it that way” or “I wish I’d thought of that” or anyone that truly needs help with something.

I like to think of GA’s as high fives. They are my thank you or that’s funny points.

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I also give GA’s to people on a thread that doesn’t have any and everyone else does if they aren’t being a jerk.
I give GA’s to all my crushes, male and female. :-)
@jonsblond I never even thought about you or Jon giving GA’s to each other.

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@chyna I know. Must be the pot making me paranoid. (joking)

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Great question is above the text. Great answer is below the text. So naturally, we’re more likely to give something lurve after we finish reading. I’m incredibly lazy and forgetful and even if I like the question, I may not take the .5 seconds to scroll up and give it lurve. Giving a great answer does not take this miniscule extra effort.

But it’s all about the quality of the question/ answer. When I get lurve I see it as an accidental bonus or a nice surprise. When I don’t I still think, “Woah! I got answers!” The content is the important part.

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I very rarely remember that giving a GQ is even an option. Because of the large screen settings I use to be able to read the site at all, the text on that button is kind of garbled and I have to think a while to remember what it’s for.

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Oh no, it’s more than just a popularity contest. The only way you can get lurve, no matter what your gender or sexual orientation might be, is to be so hot that you can get a woman like this to look like that; to touch her neck in just that way and to make her have just that expression on her face at the mere thought of you. There’s no other way you can earn lurve. Sorry. It’s not really fair, I agree, but it’s the way they do things around here.

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If you’re only writing answers to try to get lurve, you probably won’t be saying what you really think. If you aren’t saying what you really think, but are instead conforming to what you perceive to be the general attitude of the site, then we all miss out on your potential insight.

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Simply no. Having been here for what is a while when we look at this as one site… Lurve is just as @josie said tis all fun at the end of the day :-) night all

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