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Why is it that there are not websites for Television shows?

Asked by Afos22 (3990points) February 18th, 2011

Why aren’t there specific websites for every television show. Like, if you went to the show’s website, they would play the show one episode after the other. Do you think there will ever be such a thing?

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There are…?

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TV and the Internet’s going to merge, probably within the next 10–15 years, and there will be a different distribution model for programming. There’ll have to be. People keep trying to get away from advertising, and the ad folk keep looking for a way to capture our eyes.

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I bet there will be eventually.

But for now, a lot of that is tied up in the fact that individual shows are tied up in network and syndication contracts that provide for exclusive broadcasting licenses. The licensing laws and ability to monetize internet broadcasts haven’t really evolved enough to deal with the fact that internet is the new TV. ;-)

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Several shows do have their own websites, and many others have pages on their respective networks’ sites. Are there specific shows you have in mind that don’t seem to have a presence on the web?

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Usually the websites are on the network site.

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I watch TV shows online all of the time.

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Coming soon, to an internet TV near you!

This is the next evolution of on demand TV. Many networks and websites already do offer this.

It is the next wave of offerings allowing the networks and the ISP’s to have a new revenue stream to hit your pocket.

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