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Is there a program to show all files that have changed since a previous point?

Asked by XOIIO (18264points) February 18th, 2011

In my struggle to find the saved data that Need For Madness uses to save the levels, I have had no result. Is there a program that I can put on my virtual computer to log all the files, and then after installing Need For Madness scan again and show all of the files which have been added? Thanks.

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Running an mmmmmmm…. shall we say… undocumented version that is undoing the hack? :P

Try reading the log files, extra software is not always necessary. Google your particular virtual machine and “log files” to find educating resources.

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I am running XP on virtualbox, and there isn’t really much that is user-accesible with it.

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I won’t help with specifics, hun, but I encourage you to research it, ok? :)

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@squirbel I know, it’s just that after a couple months of trying it gets annoying coming up empty.

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If you hover the cursor over a given icon, the tooltip menu will tell you things like the date that the program was last modified.
A lot of games save to a folder in My Documents. I have at least one game that doesn’t actually seem to install, just sit on the desktop until I launch it; as near as I can tell, the save data is part of the program, somehow.

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@Nullo it has a folder in program files (86), and i looked through the .jar file but there was nothing in it.

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