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Timing, Timing, Timing?

Asked by Xpress411 (120points) April 15th, 2008

Does anyone remember the joke that ends with the punchline: timing, timing, timing?

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I can never remember jokes. I just know that they’re all in the timing, timing, timing.

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No, but how about this old warhorse;

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

Practice, practice, practice.

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From Demitri Martin:

“I was at a party and discovered there’s a subtle difference between peeing in the pool, and peeing into the pool…location, location, location.”

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Also from Demetri Martin:

“The only difference between a toy and an adult toy is….location, location, location.”

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here’s a classic thats all in the delivery:
“what’s the secret to comedy?timing.”
(the idea being that you don’t pause between the words ‘comedy’ and ‘timing’)

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Naw, you tell someone: “ask me what the secret of great comedy is” and before they can get to the end, you blurt “timing!”

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