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Any skydivers in here?

Asked by dtone (36points) April 15th, 2008

Where do you jump? My DZ is Skydance Skydiving in Davis, CA…

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i would like to go skydiving, i’m to afraid though.

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Try out a Tandem jump (strapped to an instructor). It’s only a bit scary on the ride up and right as your exit the plane. After that it doesn’t feel like you’re falling, but rather floating on a cushion of air. It’s the best feeling in the world, and I know you’ll want to go again right when you land! This is something everyone should experience at least one in their life.

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thats one of my goals before i die!! to go skydiving!!!!!

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i wanna do it with my grandpa. he was in 101st airborne screaming eagles. then he was in a skydiving club. they jumped on targets and jumped into rivers. he went to vegas on his last birthday and jumped. chicks dig him thats why i wanna jump.

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