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What should i do about a girl i like?

Asked by zachs08 (40points) April 15th, 2008

i like a girl who my friend is going out with, she says she’ll dump him for me, what should i do?

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Run away!

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lol, seriously, what do you think i should do?

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Uh, NO. That is your friend.

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How long have you known your friend for? If you value your relationship with your friend you won’t go out with her. The fact that she’s willing to dump your friend for you doesn’t bode well either. What makes you think she won’t do the same to you if she likes someone else.

I say don’t do it and be a good friend.

Good Luck!

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i’ve known my friend since i was 6, never really hung around with him just knew him, i just really like this girl and i mainly worry about getting into a fight :/ i might approach the girl and say just let him go, and after a week or 2 ask her out to not arouse suspicion, like i said id mainly want to avoid a fight…i know my m8 but never had dinner at his or anything, just knew him really

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girls will come and go – friends last a lot longer…...

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I wouldn’t, but maybe I follow an outdated credo. He will be pissed. There are other girls. You may really hurt his feelings.

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thanks for comments


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If she’ll dumb him for you, she’ll dump you for someone else.

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Glial is exactly right. If she is willing to leave him on a whim, it’s obvious that the sanctity of any relationship means little to her. I would have to say keep your friend, and probably warn him as well.

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I second glial. DUMP for now, Dumped for ? later.

Anyone staying in a relationship that, they believe, is not the best for them, who also is activley seeking an exit will never be satisfied.


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