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Do you have your NASCAR Daytona 500 bets in yet?

Asked by 12Oaks (4051points) February 19th, 2011

I bet on a couple sure things, a few long shots, and some good looking winners with nice odds. Hoping to cash in on some tax-free income here. Good luck in all your picks!!! PS I hope you all didn’t place bets on Dale Earnhardt, Jr. too quickly there.

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Is this the driving race thing or the horse race thing?

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@coffeenut It’s the car thing. However, the horse thing is also great for investing in hopes of a grand return of assets. In either case, never bet the pole position. There’s your tip of the day.

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ahhh ok, I pick the “Taco Bell Ford”

lol I’m never eating at Taco Bell again if they put Ford’s in their food…

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Anybody but Gordon

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@coffeenut Ahhh, #34 David Gilliland. Starting 38, a +4000 field bet. Risky, but love the choice. Personally, I never had and luck on a field bet, but, hey, this could be your lucky weekend. Good luck with that.

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@boffin and one could assume you don’t mean Robby Gordon… or maybe you do. There may be a wager out there to pick who comes in last or crashes out first. Either way, I’d bet Jeff Gordon to finish in the 11–15 place. Give me 5 to one on that and I’ll lay down, oh, fifty bucks.

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@12Oaks… Yes, you assume correctly. Robby the perennial backmarker, was not the Gordon I was referring to.

I’m thinking the Stewart-Haas stable might provide the winning combo tomorrow…

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