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Do you sign for your packages from FedEx and UPS?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) February 20th, 2011

I ask because, where I currently live, the UPS and FedEx men never knock on our door to drop off our packages. They always just leave the packages by our front door, even if we are home. Maybe I’m paranoid, but couldn’t someone just steal it right off your doorstep? Does anyone else have this “issue” with the package delivery service in your area?
Or am I just paranoid?

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I waggle a wand over a little computer screen and a snake appears. That seems to satisfy the delivery guy and he goes away. I get the parcel so it all works out for me. YMMV.

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Only rarely. it is usually an electronic product. Apple makes me sign. Since I live at the back of beyond, there is never an issue of being ripped off, unless the wildlife is looking for an iPod.

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I think if you are worried about the security of your packages, you can probably instruct the carriers to hold packages if no one is home, and then you have to go down to the distribution center to pick them up. I’ve never had an issue with security so I haven’t ever done this, but it’s worth a shot. I figure if you can tell them to leave a package without a signature, you can also tell them to NOT leave it…

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I’ve only had to sign some of the time. I think it just depends on the way it’s sent (as in if the sender wants the signature or not).

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Only if the sender requires a signature, although you can usually say you want one when you order something.

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Most of the time they just leave the packages at the door which does kind of bug me when I’m at home, watch them come to the door and not even try to see if I’ll answer the door. This was especially frustrating during the holidays season when I had multiple packages arrive near every day. I was so paranoid people would see the stuff dropped and come to take it but they never did, thank goodness.

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I think it depends on what level of service the client paid for. Some parcels I’ve received have needed a signature and some haven’t.

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Only if I happen to hear them drive up, and I go outside. The rest of the time, they leave it.

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I only accept delivery from Fed Ex, not UPS or the USPS. Not sure how or why, but Fed Ex is the more efficient, better priced delivery service. I signed if it is required by the shipper. I just got in some bicycle stuff, and they left it here, undamaged in a good spot on the first day of the 4 day window the shipper gives without a signature required.

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