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What proportion of your time at work do you spend actually working?

Asked by nikipedia (27986points) April 15th, 2008

As you may be able to tell from this question, I’m having a very slow day here.

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it depends. A day like today. I totally had nothing to do. Not because I did not want to just waiting on other people. But other days, forget about it!

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when i worked at party city, months ago, depending who was there i spent 30 percent working and 70 percent running around, playing tag, talking to customers and not doing work.

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That would be 7 hours of the 8 I’m supposed to work.

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Well I work from home (freelance graphic design) so I guess when I’m at work I give it 100%.
I’m employee of the month too!

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@school, i hardly work, @my work, i work my ass off, and love it

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it varies a lot really – sometimes I find I’m productive for about 2 of the 8 hours I’m in the office…....other times I’m only half-way there when the 8 hours are up and I end up staying for another few….
I reckon my employer gets their €‘s worth out of me….

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today i was laying hardwood flooring. started at 8 quit at 5. except for a 30 minute lunch break sucking down a 4 or 5 cigs and a couple of urine breaksi stayed hunkered over running that flooring stapler. prolly 8 to 8.25 hours working. some days though i stand there bored watching my boss work occasionally handing him tools or materials.

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damn! why don’t we have contractors like that here?? the work/break balance is usually the opposite….

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I sell cars. Selling one car takes about an hour barring any problems. I work 10 hour days. If I sell one per day, I’m lucky.

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I am a carpenter, and own the business with my brother. We get started at about 8, take no breaks other than pee breaks, take an hour for lunch( we make calls and schedule other jobs then too) and then usually work until 6. Tonight after we leave this house we are going to hang cabinets in a bar, kitchen, and bathroom. We try not to work too late, or too many weekends, because I miss my sweet wife if we do. I did work last weekend because I was going to miss half a day Friday and part of Monday. Neither of us smokes, so we work almost constantly all day. We get paid by the square foot that we trim, so the faster we get done, the more we make. We NEVER sacrifice quality for quantity though. We work by word of mouth, so we have to be good to stay busy.

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I am at work right now….and I probably work 30% of the time. I have a very easy job and most of the time I just Fluther it up!

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depends on the day of the week and time of day. I work about 4 out of the 8 hours, bt I’m always “on call”, so I figure it evens out.

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