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Where should I go on vacation?

Asked by dindinbaby (329points) February 20th, 2011 from iPhone

My husband and I go on a vacation every year around our anniversary at the end of may. We like a huge variety of activities. What is your suggestion of were to take a trip. We will be gone for about a week or less. Money is not an issue, but we do love out of the way places and locals only type places that you don’t know about unless you’re from there. We have no kids and we live in the Upper Midwest. Extra points if your he town has a unique festival or attraction around that time of year.

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Are you looking for US-based places, or are you interested in international trips? Boulder, CO has some great festivals in May and June. So does Seattle. Or, if money is not an issue, you should book yourself a hotel in New York, Montreal or some other major city and explore the town as total newbie. Or, if you want to go abroad, check out Amsterdam or Oslo. Or, practice your high school language skills in Madrid or Paris.

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The Mountainflim festival in Telluride, CO from May 27 -30 is a gorgeous event in a spectacular setting. The storybook town does get crowded, but the spring skiing is excellent, and if you like movies, well, this is the place.

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Maker Faire in San Francisco, coupled with a stay in wine country would be fun.

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Spring would be a lovely time to take a trip to Canada. You could go across Canada by train or car, stopping as you will and discovering things.

If you go, be sure the attend the Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa.

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St. Joseph, Mo. Home of The Pony Express. At the end of May is just in time for the baseball season to start, so while you’re there you could take in a Kansas City T-Bones game!! Could be a dream vacation for the to of you.

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If you are able to leave the States I recommend Scotland wholeheartedly. It’s best if you can hire a car while you are there so that you are able to see a decent amount of Scotland. The scenery is the most beautiful I have ever seen. My favourite town is Drumnadrochit which sits on Loch Ness.

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