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Is Fluther therapeutic for you?

Asked by dreamer31 (1932points) February 20th, 2011

I just recently joined Fluther and I have found it to be my favorite ‘computer community’. I find it humorous and fun to see other peoples’ perspectives on things. I catch myself laughing out loud at things noone else in my house can understand.
Do you find it therapeutic and if so, why?

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Yes…I have found at my lowest times for Fluther to be a “safe haven” of sorts when I need to talk to someone and don’t feel like I can talk to anyone in person about it because they would be judgmental. I don’t think I’ve quite reached the point where I laugh out loud at things on Fluther yet, but I do generally appreciate that everyone on the board has meaningful things to say for the most part.

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Not so much ‘therapeutic’ as ‘a great way to spread contagion’.

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Used to but not as much any more.

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Was at one time. Not anymore.

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Yeah, not anymore.

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No but I get very useful information here from many people whose opinions I have grown to trust. Primarily, the collective helps me with the mysterious cat with whom I now share a life.

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It’s much better than a sock in the eye.

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I used to. It was very beneficial to me.

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Yeah, I do. What do you guys mean that it used to be..?

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Of course or I wouldn’t be here.

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I think so, kind of.

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I think it was, early on, when I first joined Fluther. As time passed, it just became a familiar and friendly place to share thoughts and comments with friends and ‘hang out’ in an online kind of way. It’s always an enjoyable experience.

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I am therapeutic for fluther.

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Hmm not therapeutic, it is a great procrastination tool for me though and I do like reading the comments from other people and some of the Zombie type posts make me laugh, so that’s healthy.

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@seazen. That you are. This place just wouldn’t be the same without you!! =)

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@Bluefreedom Back atcha buddy.

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dreamer31: I laugh quite often too! I just love some of the answers people give. And it’s amazing how quickly you get a sense of who’s who. It’s very therapeutic for me in that I love the stories and the intellectual discourse. I love hearing the varied viewpoints. I even love the arguments sometimes!

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In a way, yes it is. It’s nice to see intellectual conversations and questions more than once every six months! :D

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