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How many times have you lost your wedding ring?

Asked by hairypalm (889points) April 15th, 2008 from iPhone

My 5th time! Errrr on my way to lost and found at the doc’s office!

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I have never lost it. I could not find it one time. My husband had taken it to surprise me with a new one. We were poor when we first got married. He wanted to get me a better ring. After he confessed his plan I got my old ring back. No new ring would be better to me than the one that started it all.

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Countless times not my wedding ring but a ring my girlfriend gave to me 2 years ago when we started going out.

I lose it so often its not even funny. I like to play with it on my hand and its loose a lot so it tends to fly off a lot. Yet for some reason it always comes back to me.

One time i was at work(Applebees) in the kitchen and had water on my hands so i shook them to get the water off. The ring flew off my hand and i had no clue where it went. I didnt hear a clang or anything so i figured it never hit the ground. I tried looking for it but we were really busy so it was fruitless. Once the rush was over me and 3 other people looked for it for close to an hour and couldnt find it. I figured i lost it and was not looking forward to telling my girlfriend lol. I called her that night and she told me that she wanted to take the ring and get it engraved with our anniversary date and “i love you”. Yea… that was fun telling her i lost it. A couple days later at work my boss give me an envelope with my ring in it. I asked where it was and he said that someone found it two days later in the bottom of the ranch dressing.

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Never actually lost track of where it is, but I always take it off in the bathroom (when doing facial thingies….cleansing, moisturising and stuff) and twice it nearly fell in to the toilet…....

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None, I’m superstitious about that. Thought I lost it once but I was being a lamer.

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Once… and never found it. It slipped off my hand who knows where about a month after I had given birth to my son. My grandmother gave me a family heirloom not too long after, so I had that remade to fit me.

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Never. Once it was put on my finger I never took it off. My Mom wore her wedding ring the same way. That’s where i got the idea. she had her wedding ring on for over 50 years when she died, and she was buried with it on. I think that’s really romantic, so I followed in her footsteps.

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I lost it once. We keep the Vodka in the ice bin at home. The wife and I were drinking and you know how the cold makes things shrink (guys you know what I mean)? Well I grabbed the bottle and off came the ring. We then went out and I had the whole bar looking for my ring. So bummed, I returned home and for about 3 weeks or a month no ring till one day our daughter was getting ice from the dispenser on the fridge and out popped my ring in to her glass! WOOT WOOT! I check it about every 2 minutes now.

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@judochop I think that’s one of the most interesting lost ring sories I’ve ever heard! I’m glad you got it back!

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I lost my ring again…...... I actually didnt lose it this time my girlfriend did. I took it off and she put it on down on the window. 20 minutes later when i went to put it back on it wasnt there. Me and my friend took everything out of his room (he was moving to the basement) and still we couldnt find the ring. I think its gone for real this time and it wasnt even my fault. It sucks cause it went through all these crazy losing and then finding experiences and then i go and lose it for real on something stupid.

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Ok so it turns out my ring wasnt lost. Turns out she told me she put it on the window but really took it and hid it. Today was our two year anniversary and she surprised me with the ring except the inside was now engraved with our names and 4/24/06 the day we started going out. ^_^ yay gots my ring back.

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Wow! That was sweet of her. I’m glad you got it back. I bet you were sweating bullets over this. Happy Aniversary!

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It’s impossible to loose anything more than once….

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