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Can you suggest some good websites for non-leather belts?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21456points) February 20th, 2011

I am specifically looking for pyramid studded belts as these are the only kinds of belts I like to wear. However, most of the belts of these kinds are made from leather. I admit that I have a few of these leather belts myself but I bought them before I was making a conscious effort to buy non-leather belts. I’m having trouble finding a website that has these belts made from non-leather materials. Since these are something of an odd item, if you can link me to any sites that sell non-leather belts, I’d be very grateful to have a starting off point.

Note: I have tried googling non-leather belts but I figure the collective might have more comprehensive answers.

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Here’s something I found by googling “faux leather studded belts”. Beware, though… a lot of the results were faux leather on the front, but had a genuine leather backing.

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Oh, thank you @augustlan! I hadn’t thought of using “faux leather” instead of “man-made leather” or “vegan leather.” I found a bunch on using that search phrase. :)

One of my problems is that I have no idea how to use search engines to their full effectiveness.

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I’m usually full of google-fail, myself. Just lucky this time!

Be sure to read the details, though. As I said, several of them still had some real leather involved.

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Try searching “vinyl pyramid studded belts” and vegan pyramid studded belt

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Pangea has at least one.

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