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Have you ever cheated on fluther but returned here in the end?

Asked by lillycoyote (24835points) February 20th, 2011

I must confess that my true love was but has been dead for over two years and having been widowed at a relatively young age, I had to move on and am now pretty much married to fluther. However, in the past day or so I have spent quite a few hours on after someone here mentioned it and, well, I just don’t know. I’m not sure if I really like it and I’m not sure if I’ll go back. Have you tried other similar sites and not liked them or have you tried other similar websites and liked them and go back and forth between fluther and the other web sites?

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Fluther is my first Q+A site. When all those people came over from Answerbag in December 2009, I went over there to check that site out…it sucked ass. I’ve never bothered to check out any other similar site after that.

edit: Part of Fluther’s attraction for me is the clean, non-busy layout. I just checked out your link, and found myself leaving within 10 seconds…it’s too much for my brain to process.

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@FutureMemory Yes, the layout of sodahead is kind of confusing to me too. I tried it and I’m not at all sure that I like it at all.

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I’ve looked at many other Q & A sites (part of the job, I guess), but Fluther was my first and only Q & A site that I’ve participated on as a regular member.

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I don’t have an exclusive relationship with Fluther, and I never have.

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Nope. sodahead looks retarded had a cool name though

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So, I just checked out SodaHead. Here are some actual answers from over there, from the question “Are you ready for men in skirts?”:

“ewwwwwww no sorry I am not now and I don’t think I ever will beeee!!!!”


“I am…Most definatly not. No man should wear a skirt. I think that if you want to you should, But then wear it as a matching outfit, With Long pretty hair, And Matching Makeup. SO in my OPINION I think that any kind of guy would look pretty terrible in a skirt. Kilts are the same, There is like almost no difference. I do not like it.. ^.^ But it’s a “free” country so wear what you want, Right? :)”

“no. it looks rly rly rly gay”

“More and more men in our society are becoming girly men and pantywaists, and we are seeing it more and more in our politicians. Homosexuality and liberalism is really screwing up this country in more ways than one.”

(I’ve neglected to include the several answers that had homosexual slurs in them, since we don’t allow the use of them, here.)
Based on this limited exposure, I don’t think I could hang out there for any length of time. <shudders>

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@augustlan agreed. That place is, believe it or not, worse than yahoo answers.

Please don’t advertise ther, pleeeaaassseeee

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Sodahead was the first Q&A site I discovered and I was horrified by the amount of hate, bigotry and ignorance there. Sodahead users make Fred Phelps lik like a dyed-in-the-wool liberal.

I do still participate in Y!A though. I mainly search for questions on certain subjects (transsexual, and second life) and ignore the rest.

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Not I. You mean there are similar websites?

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Fluther is my first and only question and answer love. I cannot see why or how I could cheat. It just isn’t me. I may of course be in the honeymoon phase and could at a later date turn into a question and answer tart.

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I’ve never used another site and wouldn’t have the time to. As it is, I spend too much time here.

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I was a Q&A virgin when I came here and have never cheated. I’ve glanced at a few others (out of curiosity only) and have no interest…I guess it goes with my loyal dog nature…

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I always check other Q & A sites out but I wouldn’t leave Fluther, there is no limit to how many Q & A sites you are allowed to use afterall. I like the idea of Sodahead but everytime I go to join in there, I don’t know where to start. The front page is too busy even though the questions all look really interesting.

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I checked out Answerbag briefly (for a few hours), to read up on a former jellies fiasco. It was more out of curiosity’s sake.

Other than that, no. Fluther is and will always be my Q & A home.

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Just checked out Sodahead. I enjoyed reading some of the questions; hate the set-up.

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I’ve taken a look around, but I’ve always come back to fluther.

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I use occasionally.

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I have tried. Every time I’ve taken a look at another site, I’ve been so horrified that I’ve come running back. I did look at answerbag once it was revamped but I couldn’t actually find anything. I tried to read some answers and questions but I think you have to be a member or else it really is just that confusing.

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Fluther was my first Q & A. There have been a few times I got fed up here and looked at a few others, but I always return. If I’m going to spend time at a Q & A, it’s going to be here. I don’t have the time to devote myself to more than one site like this.

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It’s all about what we’re familiar with.

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Thanks everyone. I think I’m done with sodahead. Just a one night stand and the guy seemed to be a jerk anyway. Really, I was looking around the place and I would and I think I would be angry all the time and my blood pressure would be through the roof if I spent too much time there. But it did get me thinking about what other people have tried.

@augustlan yes, shuddering too. There were a number of things that made me think I better take a spritz under the decontamination shower and get my shots before I return to fluther and am carrying any contagions. Yikes.

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I’ve only really been on Fluther and Answerbag. The choice isn’t hard. Also, Blurtit, but that place is like…a ghost town, man.

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I’ve used several Q&A websites. I began with yahoo Answers and then tried Answerbag, Askville, Experience Project and Fluther. Only Fluther and Yahoo Answers are still operating the last time I checked.

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