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Where does the "under the bed monster" go when you move?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) February 21st, 2011

Many kids believed the popular myth of there being a monster under the bed. So if you move, you dismantle the bed or you pack it up and move to another place, what happens to this monster? Do it suppose to travel to the new place with the bed or does it stay at the old place waiting for another bed to get under when new people move in? What if the person moving into that room and putting a bed in there is not a kid, what happens to the monster then?

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I guess you would have to ask the kid.

Personally I would say that the monster is a spirit, and it hides inside the the bed material, so at night if you are unfortunate enough to look a black smoke seeps out of everything into the form of a dragon with red glowing eyes.

Sound cool to me

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For god’s sake, @Hypocrisy_Central, the monster goes with you. How can you not know that? Not only does the monster go with you but it battles whatever other existing monster might be under your new bed for supremacy. It’s evil and it’s ugly and your children should be afraid, very afraid.

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Even better, the monster is the embodiment of your deepest, darkest urges and evil, just like the Dream Lord in Doctor Who

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lol….It’s the parent’s responsibility to have a BM travel carrier ready so that it travels in a safe and humane way to the new home….

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Totally depends on the monster. And the kid. :: sage nod ::

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Oh, no, @lillycoyote , I’ll have to respectfully disagree. The under-bed monster is exclusive to each dwelling. A child has to go through breaking in a new monster every time the family moves. The resident monster has a field day scaring the crap out of all the children with clever freaking techniques that the children have not seen before. Even older children that had stopped being afraid of the monster at the last place are frightened anew by the unfamiliar monster in the new residence. Even an adult can be spooked in a new place by an under-bed monster.

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The monster draws it’s power from it’s ties deep in the ground, so I’m with Jill, it’s unique to the place. That’s why a new house with new beds can have monsters. They tap into Hades and develop their own life force from the evil currents there.

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We seem to be splitting into two camps. One tied to the bed, one tied to the location. For you tied to the bed weenies, where does the monster go when you get rid of the bed?

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I agree with @JilltheTooth, plus, if you’ve seen ‘Monsters inc’, it’s obvious that any door into the room where the bed lies, can be used by any monster to get in and take up residence under the bed. There are hoards of them, they are invincible. I’m not entirely sure they go away when you grow up either.

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Haven’t you ever watched the monster movies? They do not go with you, they have their own monster community and who’s bed they show up under depends on the work order of that particular monster! They can find you, because their communities lead out, under the beds. It is inevitable, No escape!

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The monster dies. He’s afraid of the light, and for good reason – once the bed is removed the monster melts.

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The mattress absorbs the monster, and when you move the mattress, the monster comes out of it when you move into your new house. If you get a new mattress, you get a new monster. Or if the monster really likes the house, he will soak into the floor, and haunt the next kid.

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Lately in my reading I’ve been on a horror anthology kick, so I’ve been exposed to a really wide variety of short stories. There’ve been several monster-under-the-bed ones, both ones where the monster is tied to the place and ones where it’s tied to the kid. Gotta say, I prefer the ones where it’s tied to the place and terrorizes multiple kids. Not as psychological, which is usually my preference, but much more sinister.

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My daughter used to be afraid of the monster under her bed, until I ‘splained that it was only a baby monster, not even as old as she was (5.) Then she wasn’t afraid any more. So the REAL burning question is, what happens when the monsters grow up and can’t fit under the bed any more? Is that when they go in the closet?

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I’m feel that the monster stays with the room. Whether it be an under the bed monster or a closet monster or a toy-box monster.
@Dutchess_III I have never known a baby monster, mine were always full grown.

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Depending on the monster, there are different ways to go with this:

1. Monster under son’s bed scared him to death. My husband and I dressed in our bed monster ridding garb with a water bottle carefully labeled as “Monster-go-away” took care of that monster.

2. Monster that was friends with my daughter got her own suitcase in the packing process.

Depends on the kid, the monster and what needs to be done. :)

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he joins politics… and terrorizes everyone else

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He is exposed to sunlight when the bed is removed and banished back to the Nightosphere.

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There’s a nice line in a Catatonia song: ‘When faced with my demons, I clothe them and feed them and I smile, yes I smile, as they’re taking me over…’
Call me weird, but I really love that image. Take ‘em on, feed ‘em up then get ‘em into ya. Big Up the demons, they can never win if you enjoy them enough! ;@)

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I had the closet monster and he moved with us!

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@JilltheTooth Actually, I think you’re right. It’s just that it’s been so long since I had an under-the-bed monster that I forgot that they are very much like the outside-my-house-or-apartment monsters that I had to get to know and try to make peace with every time I moved. Is is it the resident house monster? Is it a psycho killer scratching at door or window, trying to get in? Is just the wind blowing a branch against my window, door or downspout? How can I even figure it out if I am lying in bed completely paralyzed with fear and can’t even get up to look? As you said, ”Even older children that had stopped being afraid of the monster at the last place are frightened anew by the unfamiliar monster in the new residence.” I’m still pretty sure though, that the guy who lived downstairs from me in one apartment I had must have been some kind of serial killer. When you frequently use a power saw at 2 or 3 in the morning you’re not doing woodworking projects, you’re cutting up people, I’m certain of that. :-)

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@lillycoyote : I’m glad I didn’t see that ^ ^ ^ until this morning!

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@JilltheTooth Sorry, I can be a little too descriptive sometimes. I’ve lived in the same house for so long now that I had forgotten how good I was at scaring the pants off myself every time I moved into a new place and had to get used to it’s unique noises; the slight creaking of the walls, the plumbing, the trees and the wind; the sounds your neighbors make. Every house has it’s own little song that it sings at night, after you’ve turned off the lights and gone to bed.

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@JilltheTooth The under-bed monster is exclusive to each dwelling. A child has to go through breaking in a new monster every time the family moves. What if the room is converted to a sweing room, or taken up by a college student? An Under The Bed Monster would have no power against a teen or college student; or adult for that matter. If a family moves away and some frat boys take up residence there does the Under The Bed Monster lay dormant like a spore just waiting for the right chance to spring forth again? If so, how would it know then a new bed of a child is at hand?

@dreamer31 They do not go with you, they have their own monster community and who’s bed they show up under depends on the work order of that particular monster! The closet monster needs a door of some kind, but how is the_Under The Bed Monster_ going to get from the monster comunity to the bedroom? It can’t simply be by the mattress because those beds with drawers under have no under the bed to speak of, or those loft beds which have shelves or a desk under have no under the bed per se either.

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@Hypocrisy_Central – see my answer above, they _all_use the doors, regardless. You never can predict when one will get through, college students are not immune. Drawers? Hmph, don’t talk to me about drawers. Those big ones under divan beds… eeeeeek!

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Ah, but @Hypocrisy_Central , I said that the monster is exclusive to each dwelling which would indicate that it can pick and choose which room or rooms in which to manifest. I firmly believe that the monsters have a certain sentience, and therefore are able to affect the whole house until the decision is made as to which specific location they can settle on for maximum freak-itude of the residents.

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All of the monsters I “have met” can turn into a colored purple,green,ect.., slimy ooze that seeps through the floor boards, enabling them to appear where they want or where the work order indicates.

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Depends on if you need to bring him along.
He’ll do something [hide in the box springs, jump on the truck at the last minute, take over the body of one of the movers . . .]

But only if he’s needed . . .

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Did you ever see the Brady Bunch episode where they went to Hawaii? And, like, that tarantula climbed into somebody’s beach bag? And that spider taunted us for both the first episode and the “To be continued” episode? Yeah. Bed monsters are kind of like that.

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